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Hill Elementary QAR

No description

Lisa DuPrey

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Hill Elementary QAR

Hill Elementary
Presenting Team District Mission
The mission of the Davison Community Schools is to develop individuals who demonstrate skills necessary for lifelong success in a changing, global society. Vision
"Children are not things to be molded, but people waiting to be unfolded" ~ anonymous
Hill Elementary's vision is to collaborate with our community and parents to educate the whole child within a year-round setting.

Hill Elementary lays a foundation for questioning, problem-solving, and independent thinking and learning.

Hill Elementary creates a caring school in which students develop as individuals who value and demonstrate respect for self and others; who have an appreciation for individual differences and a passion for lifelong learning. Presenting Goal Teams Reading Writing Behavior Welcome Visiting Team!! Goal Statement: For all students to improve in using the Cardinal Code. Reasons for
choosing goal

Teachers have noticed a change in school climate and felt that we needed to address this problem. Further examination of the data showed 97% of the referrals were committed by males with 33% of the incidences being physical aggression. Ongoing Plans Include...

PBS Cardinal Code and reward system
Michigan Model - skill based health
Peaceful Playgrounds - engaged play
Behavior Data
Second Step - Conflict/Violence Prevention
Project Wisdom - Character Education Present quarterly behavior data to the staff. Book Study:
"Hear Our Cry: Boys in
Crisis" for entire staff Continue and expand RtI support Continue, revise and expand Check In/Check Out process and 4th grade mentors Continue to Review Behavior interventions Building Mission
Our mission is to empower children to learn and achieve academic and social success. Building Demographics

The smallest school (256 students)
1999 became a year-round school
Offer Intersession during weeks off
28.6% free and reduce lunch
Shared personnel Team Leader: Carol Sintay
Team Members:
Suzanne Richards
Jenny Berhe Goal Statement: All students will show continuous growth in reading. Approximately 20% are not yet reading at grade level at the end of the school year as indicated by DRA2. Building Goal Objective:

By 2015, using baseline data from 2005-2009, 80% of students will be at 2M or higher in reading as determined on the MEAP test. We believe advanced level MEAP and DRA2 performance is attainable with proper instruction and support. Current Plans
Continue using programs with trained staff members such as SIPPS, DIBELS, Reading A-Z, Raz-Kids, and LLI. Continue reviewing data at whole group and grade level meetings. Literacy Specialist focus on neediest students in early grades. Future Plans
Building reading fluency through use of Reader's Theatre and Reading A-Z Institute building wide approach to vocabulary development among students Strengthen student skills in areas of retelling, summary writing, and recognition of important events/ideas Team Leader: Linda Strine
Team Members:
Jodi Halverson
Tisha Torres
Michelle Thompson Goal Statement: All students will show continuous improvement in writing. Reasons for choosing goal

Students are not performing up to GISD rubric expectations. In looking at the male to female 2009 MEAP data, female students out performed male students. Students who have been in the district performed slightly better than students who have moved into the district. Current Plans
We have adopted GISD rubric for
K-4. All classroom teachers attended at least one of the writing inservices offered by the district. Began work toward developing common graphic organizers among grade levels. Future Plans
Teachers will attend additional writing inservice Expand our use of graphic organizers Refine use of strategy grouping Reinforce common vocabulary Continue investigation of "best practice" Out of the total population 30 males were responsible for all behavior referrals and 1 female. Based on 2009 and partial 2010 behavior data reports, Hill Elementary has recorded 76 behavior referrals involving 31 students. This represents 11% of our population. Continue to revisit with entire staff the importance of Michigan Model, and Peaceful Playgrounds.
Start journal writings with Project Wisdom and implement new Cardinal Code Lesson Plans. Only 20% of Hill students are performing at benchmark according to the GISD rubric. Data also showed that while most of the incidences were physical aggression, more than half of the incidences were committed in the classroom. Strategies Implemented

Implemented a new reward system for Cardinal Code Economically advantaged students performed slightly higher that economically disadvantaged students. Thank you for coming!!! Hill Elementary
School Improvement
Teams Prezi Reading Behavior
Peaceful Playgrounds Writing Writing Team Leader: Lisa DuPrey
Team Members:
Leigh Anne Draper
Jeane Fulcher Impact of the Mini-QAR

forced us to look in to specific data to make a change
implemented a mentor program for repeat offenders
Worked closley with playground moniters to improve social climate on the playground Current/Future Plans
Continue to implement strategies and evaluate current plans in hopes of reducing behavior refferals
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