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Boron & Carbon Family

No description

Phillip Edwards

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Boron & Carbon Family

The Boron and Carbon Families
Phillip Edwards Thesis Elements included in the Boron family. List three properties of Aluminum. What is one thing Aluminum is used for? How many valence electrons do the elements in the carbon family have? What is Carbon's importance to Humans? What is Boron used for? How are elements in group 13 and group 14 both similar and different? The boron and carbon families are very important to our world. In these families you have some of the most abundant elements in the world. Boron, Aluminum, Gallium, Indium,
and Thallium. (AKA group 3A or Group 13) Boron is used to create the green color in fireworks. All molecules contain carbon. We are all carbon based lifeforms. Aluminum resists corrosion, it is really durable, and it conducts electricity really well. 1 thing Aluminum is used for? Soda cans! List 4-6 Elements in group 13 and group 14 and tell why they are so important for our daily life. The elements in the carbon family have 4 valence electrons. Group 13 elements have three valence electrons. Elements in Group 14 have four valence electrons. Group 13 has all metals except boron which is a metaloid. Group 14 has elements that are metals, mataloids, and nonmetals. 58% of boron is used in computer glass. Aluminum is the most abundant metal and is used in aluminum cans. Gallium is used to convert electricity directly to light. Indium is used to coat high speed bearings . Explain the importance of group 13 and group 14 to organisms. Boron in group 13 is essential in plants that use it to strengthening cell walls. Carbon in group 14 is what makes up most of our bodies. Experiment!
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