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Culminating Activity

No description

Ashley Bast

on 31 July 2014

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Transcript of Culminating Activity

Character No.1: Ophelia
Ophelia Character Analysis
Character No. 2: Horatio
Culminating Activity
Ashley Bast
Horatio Cont'd
cares about Hamlet
Horatio Character Analysis
Ophelia Cont'd
character traits
thematic events
who the character is
how they fit into their world.

Personality Traits
Key Events
Personality traits
Key events
Polonius telling her to break up with Hamlet
Hamlet's initial 'mad' encounter
Hamlet's innuendos at the play
Polonius' death
Her madness/flower scene
encounter with the ghost
Hamlet revealing his antic disposition plan
The Mousetrap
graveyard reunion with Hamlet
Hamlet's death
How Ophelia Fits into the world
How Horatio fits into the world
Ophelia is in a difficult position because she lives in a deeply misogynist society where her entire future is decided on by how 'virtuous' she is- if she remains a virgin until marriage. She is very tightly controlled by all the men in her life and is not allowed very much agency. I chose to represent this in one of the images on her Instagram profile, a girl with corset lacing sewn directly into her back (bottom middle); corsets are meant to make women look beautiful but restrict their movement and breathing which I feel ties quite nicely into Ophelia's narrative. Also I have chosen to show her not truly mad but aware of the fact that as a madwoman she would be able to say what she wishes, this is seen in the Facebook post about the language of flowers and several of the pictures on her Instagram profile, especially those pertaining to her eventual drowning- most notably the poem
The Mermaid
by W.B. Yeats (top middle)- showing that she is only wearing her insanity the same way Hamlet is.
Horatio is one of Hamlet's closest friends- along with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern- however unlike the other two he is an unfailing friend. Throughout the play Horatio is seldom addressed by characters other than Hamlet unless he is being told to leave the room, this is most likely because he comes from a lower socioeconomic status. Though Horatio is not as rich he is a fair deal smarter than most of the other characters which may explain why he is the only main character alive at the end. I chose to represent Horatio as a scholar mainly through his Instagram profile which has pictures of books- middle right- Wittenberg University- bottom left- and a tattoo referencing Kurt Vonnegut's
Slaughterhouse Five
. I also chose to emphasis Horatio's attachment to Hamlet by showing him worry over the Prince's mental state and by having a text from Hamlet visible on his Instagram showing how much he cares- bottom left, a snippet of the 'There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio' monologue- and emphasizing that he was willing to die to be with Hamlet.
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