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It's All About the Shopping!

20 points about shopping

Kelsey Odom

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of It's All About the Shopping!

Shopping! Take a Friend-
They're the BEST shopping partner! Things don't have to match-they just have to go! Dress for your type Don't be offeneded if you can't fit into a small-
you'll look better in a medium If you don't love it in the store..
you won't wear it at home Bright colors are always better! Dress for the season-NOT for the reason Bigger sizes are for shirts not pants. Style changes with age- 70's are here no longer! Ladies, the junior section is for teens only not old adults! Shop with a plan and know your budget "Is this on my needs list?"
Get things first that you NEED not what you WANT Dress for success When shoe shopping don't wear a closed toe shoe-it will be more difficult getting on and off. Wear an outfit that is comfortable and that you can get in and out of with ease while shopping Don't take a boyfriend Know the return policy They're not patient Have a Plan 20 points about shopping Shop in the morning or on the weekdays when it's less busy! Keep a list of items that you need in your closet for whenever you find pieces that need a match. Have fun with your clothes-let your personality shine through! DON'T go on an empty stomach!
Keep the receipt! You never know
when you'll have to take something back!
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