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Coca cola recycling initiative

'Lime' - PD2

lewis young

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of Coca cola recycling initiative

Coca-Cola Implementation process Existing
Technologies Coca-Cola To promote recycling in school aged children.

Other CSR Aims:
- To reduce obesity in teenagers
- To improve social perception of the Coca-Cola company Overall Aim Objectives Coca-Cola was invented 125 years ago
1.7 billion beverages sold daily
Largest beverage company in the world

Carbonated Beverage Industry Navy Chair Project Pep
10% of their PET bottles are recycled.
They promote recycling on the label of their drinks
Partnered with coke to help increase number of bottles and cans recycked each year. Coca-Cola 2020 Goal Coca-Cola aims to be able to recylce 100%
of it's PET bottles by 2020.
The 'Give it back' project works to help achieve that goal. 'Give it back' Project Lewis Young Crystal Yu Menggi Joanna Wang Jue Anthony
Renehan Jayden Sinclair Bachelor of International Studies/International Trade Bachelor of Business/Law Bachelor of Business/Law Encourage PET bottle recycling Reduce childhood obesity Increase the awareness of the recycling program
To refresh the world
To inspire moments of optimism
To create value and make a difference Mission Pepsi
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