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Nicene Creed

No description

Christine Lightner

on 1 July 2016

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Transcript of Nicene Creed


I believe
originally formed at 1st Ecumenical Council
Nicia in AD 325
later adopted as a "true expression of faith
at 2nd eccumenical Council
Constantinople in AD 381
written a long long time ago - cool!
The creed is more than an organizational belief
its a personal proclamation
Levels of Belief:
1. Belief that makes no difference
2. Belief that makes some difference
3. Belief that demands a response
It is a simple fact that must be accepted or rejected by the intellect
"New York"
for a fact to have effect there is a conditional action that must occur first
If i truely believe, it will change my entire outlook on life
"all things are possible with God"
"father" is the name that Jesus himself gave us to use for God.
No other religion dares to bring God into an intimate "father/child" relationship
His might is greater than anything
He created everything
He rules over everything
visible and invisible
all that we see
all that we know can be seen
all that is beyond seeing with our mortal eyes
Jesus Christ
Jesus = the Lord saves
Christ= annointed
not a name but a title or job description
Jesus was not the first or only "Christ" but he was THE Christ
All kings in David's line were also annointed and therefore a "Christ"
word used 5 times in scripture
to cause
to produce
to effect
to generate offspring
This word means that Jesus' relationship with God is different then ours
one in being with
of the same substance as the Father
this is the greatest work of the Holy Spirit
the union of the human and divine
God made flesh
Holy Spirit
giver of life in 2 ways:
through creation
through forgiveness of sins
questions about the trinity
We believe in ONE GOD
divinely revealed to us as Father, Son and HS
all 3 persons of the Trinity being equal, sharing same divine nature and existing from and for all eternity
the HS being worthy of equal worship to Father and Son
The Nicene Creed did NOT invent the Trinity as some have claimed.
Justin Martyr, who died in 157 wrote about the Trinitarian beliefs of the Catholic Church
4 Marks of the Church
Jesus established only one church
not a collection of differing churches
The bible says the church is the "bride of Christ"
His church must uphold one set of doctrines
these doctrines were defined by the apostles of Christ
Through the grace of Jesus Christ, He makes us Holy - just as He is Holy.
The church is holy because we are the guardians of the sacraments of His grace
Jesus appointed the apostles to be the first leaders of the church
their successors were to be its future leaders
One Baptism
Baptism is the first and chief sacrament of forgivenss of sins because it unites us with Christ.
It removes all sin and places an indelible mark on our soul
we are all one in God's family
I believe
Let it be as I have said
oath of affirmation
repeats and affirms the first words of the creed
"I believe"
this word means "universal" when it is not capitalized
this word was first used by St. Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch in the year AD 108
the church is "catholic" b/c the same full Gospel is preached everywhere for the past 2000 years
Jesus Christ wants all men and women to be members of his universal family
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