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My Artist project!

katie ridgway

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Mcfly!

my project! Mcfly! The Beginning... New members... A good year! Mcfly in action! Awards and television! It began with Tom Fletcher. He had gone to an audition for a band called Busted. At first, he had a place but he was taken out as the record company only wanted 3 members in that band. He was still in college, he had no money, but Busted's record label asked him to go around the country filming auditions and he would get paid to do it. Thats where he met his 1st band member. While Tom was filming auditions, Danny was preparing for one! Danny Jones was auditioning for a band called V. Thinking that he was auditioning for a musical band, he took his guitar. Unfortunately, the band was going to be an all-singing and all-dancing band. he had never done any dancing before. This is the moment that brought Tom and Danny together. Tom invited Danny to come and write with him and a member of busted. It was around this time that they named their band "Mcfly" after the character in back to the future, Marty Mcfly. Tom and Danny now had a record label. They
wanted a drummer and a bass player. They went around Britain and found a drummer and bass player in Essex. They are called Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter. And that is how Mcfly came together. They went touring with Busted and started writing more songs for their first album, "Room on the third floor". love is easy... Mcfly have done really well recently.
Harry won 'strictly come dancing' and
Dougie won 'I'm a celebrity, get me out
of here!'. Danny was in 'popstar to operastar'
and came 4th. Tom was on the cube and nearly beat it! Sharing their talents... Mcfly have been around since 2003. Here are all the awards they have won and the films and tv programmes they've been in. And the rest... Their albums! Harry dancing!!! Dougies trial!!! Top spot! One of their first songs, "5 colours in her hair" went to number 1 in the charts and it stayed there for 2 weeks. They had many more hits from that album. "Room on the third floor" came number 1 in the album chart, giving them a guiness world record for youngest band to get a number 1 in the album chart. It was a record originally held by the beatles! Mcfly haven't only written songs for
their own use. They have written song for 1 direction, V and Busted. Tom fletcher also wrote 'on a rainbow' which is the official 2012 olympics song. 2004: Walt Disney Awards - Best Newcomer[83]
Smash Hits Awards - Best UK Band
Smash Hits Awards - Best Album for Room on the 3rd Floor
Smash Hits Awards - Best Video for "That Girl"
Smash Hits Awards - Best Stars of the Year
Smash Hits Awards - Most Fanciable Male (Danny Jones) 2005: Smash Hits Awards - Best UK Band
Smash Hits Awards - Most Snoggable Male (Danny Jones)
Smash Hits Awards - Best Single for "All About You'"
Smash Hits Awards - Best Album for Wonderland[85]
BRIT Awards - Best Pop Act 2006: Virgin.net Music Awards - God Group[87]
BT Digital Music Award for People's Choice Award for Best Official Music Site 2007: Nickelodeon UK Kids Choice Awards - Best Band (also hosted)[77]
UK Festival Awards - Best Pop Act (for appearance at V Festival)[89]
Virgin.net Music Awards - Best Live Act 2008: Nickelodeon UK Kids Choice Awards - Best Band[91]
Star Smash Awards 2008 - Best Album (Radio:ACTIVE)
Star Smash Awards 2008 - Best Band
Star Smash Awards 2008 - Artist of the Year 2009: Meus Premios Nickelodeon Brazil 2009 - Best International Artist[92]
UK Music Video Awards - Best Live Music Coverage[93]
News of the World - The Most Sexiest Men of the Year (Dougie Poynter)
Also nominated for MTV Latin Awards 2010: 4Music Video Honours - Best Video of 2010 for Party Girl 2011: Nordoff Robbins - American Express Digital Innovation Award
In Rock Magazine - Best British Band 2012: Nordoff Robbins Music Awards - Best Live Act TV Mcfly starred in a film called "Just my luck" starring Lindsay Lohan. The film didn't get a good rate! They have also appeared in 'Casualty' and 'Doctor Who'. They even went on a top gear comic relief where they had to make a song up that didn't include the words "love", "baby" or "heart". They did have to include the words "sofa" "administration" and "hyundai". They did their own show called "The Mcfly Show", where they sang songs, talked to celebrities and did weird stuff!
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