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Copy of Plot Diagram

No description

Matthew Neeley

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Plot Diagram

~Setting: Sugauli, India, the bungalow, the garden, the bathroom.
~Inciting incident: Rikki got washed away from his burrow to the family and got rescued.
~Point of view: third-person

By: Rudyard Kipling

Rising Action
Falling Action
Rising Action: The main part of the story. It moves the plot along. the complications arise in the story.
1. Nag is a cobra that is dangerous to Teddy and his family. Quote: " I will get the father then you Nagina get the mother then the boy".
2. Rikki kills Kariat which saves Teddy.
Quote: " The bite paralyzed Kariat killing him just before he was ready to strike".
3. Nag comes in bathroom trying to kill Teddy's father. Quote: "Rikki was hissing at him and struck him dead".

Nagaina tries to kill Teddy and his family. This
leads to an epic battle with the evil snake.
Resolution: The end of the story. Loose ends of the plot are tied up. Remaining questions are answered. Conflict is resolved.

Teddy and his Mother and Father thank Rikki Tikki-Tavi sincerely for saving their family. Otherwise, Teddy would have been dead. That small little mongoose saved their lives forever.

Quote: "He saved our lives and Teddy's life"
Events that follow the climax and lead to the resolution.
Conflicts begin moving towards the resolution.

Rikki-Tikki kills Nag and Nagina

In the story it says "Ding dong Nag is dead ding dong Nagina is dead."
Main character: Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, and Teddy's family
Exposition: The first part of the plot. Character setting and basic situation are revealed.
Quote: " Nagaina gathered herself together, and flung out at him."
The most exciting or intense part of the story for the protagonist.
Usually a turning point or plot twist in the story.
"This is the story of the great warrior Rikki-
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