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Tom Brennan

Character Analysis

Allister Mitchell

on 9 April 2011

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Transcript of Tom Brennan

Tom - After the Accident - Grief stages Tom- Before the Accident The Accident!! Daniel- Before the Accident Direct Consequences
Two Dead, Nicole and Luke
One Quadriplegic, Fin
Daniel Brennan Jailed for 5 years Indirect Consequences
Family life ruined
Mother slips into depression
The whole town immediately begins blaming the Brennan family for what happened in the accident. Fin- before the Accident Tom Brennan was living an average life, a well-liked member of the community, playing sport, a star of the local rugby team, chilling with his mates just generally living a normal life until.... Fin was reaching his peak. His rugby was brilliant, he was a team favourite, and a winner with the ladies. Before the accident, Daniel was a typical 18 year old, enjoying his new found freedom to drink alcohol and drive wherever he chose. Parents - After the Accident - Grief stages Finn - After the Accident - Grief stages Kylie - After the Accident - Grief stages Daniel - After the Accident - Grief stages Daniel Brennan drives drunk and recklessly and kills two friends, and serious injuries his cousin; Finn. Daniel jailed for 5 year for recklessy endangerment and driving while drunk.In jail Daniel show remorse and writes a letter to the parents of Nicole and Luke agologizing. Bibliography Images;
Tom Brennan Book Art, retrieved 11/03/2011, from:http://goldcreek.act.edu.au/yara/pages/reviews/australian_old/r_story_of_tom_brennan.htm

New Zealand police and New Zealand land and transport "NZ Mate you’re a bloody idiot" [2007, July 31] retrieved from;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vjn2JKrlkcU Tom becomes alienated from the community, turns quiet, and only wishes the accident never happened. Tom reacts to everyone with a depressed attitude, and just can't be bothered with anything. After becoming a quadreplegic, Finn is extermely restricted and relies heavily on his mother Kath. He also becomes bitter towards Daniel & his family. Kylie turns to smoking and becoming absorbed in helping Finn, as she feels guilty for encouraging Finn & Claire's relationship. Tess, Daniel's mother, slips into a depressive state; who relies on her husband Joe. The whole family however, have to rely on Gran acting as the family rock; not letting them fade themselves away. (pg. 108)
‘They’ve been saying bad things.’
‘Who?’ Mum gasped.
‘In town. Everyone. They’re saying Daniel’s going to go down. That he deserves everything he gets.’ She could hardly speak. ‘That, that he was so drunk and aggro that night. That he was smashing bottles and tried to beat Claire up and, and put…’
Kylie collapsed onto the chair next to Daniel. Deep loud cries shook her body. Daniel sat there staring. He didn’t move. b [pg. 10] (Tom)
"I hadn't decided if I was playing rugby this year. In fact, I hadn't decided If I was ever playing again. I didn't know if I could without my brother. Things just weren't that simple anymore." [pg. 15] (Kylie)
"Tell someone who cares, Tom." Conclusion
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