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My Virtual Child

My virtual child assignment for Intro to Child and Adolescent Development

Scott Butler

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of My Virtual Child

My Virtual Child
Scott Butler
Introduction to Child and Adolescent Development - CADW 1003
Nicole Powell
Thursday, November 22 2012 Welcome to the World, Kadance! The Early Years Life in the Beginning References The Preschool Years Changes and changes.... The Preschool Years Cont'd The Middle Childhood She's growning up... Middle Childhood Con'd Adolescence Oh the things you'll do with your life... Adolescence Cont'd The end of an Era She's almost ready to leave the nest... Overview Welcome to the family, Aurora! Early Years Cont'd Kadance is home, working with an adoption agency for months on end, Kadance is finally home
Very soon a strong emotion bond between parents and child was struck, the type of strong love you have for another person
Kadance took to bottle feeding on the first day and started to gain weight really quickly Zero to 2 Months Three to 8 Months At 3 months Kadance started daycare because both my partner and I had full-time careers
After a car accident my partner felt dis attached to Kadance and would get easily upset from her crying Nine Month Pediatrician Report Kadance becomes up set really easily and sometimes can't be soothed
Kadance's gross and fine motor skills are a bit behind for her age Fifteen to 18 Months Things in Kadance's environment are interesting her and she is taking the time to study them and learn
From out of town my cousin Melody moved in with my family while she was going to the local college, she and Kadance became fast friends and had a lot of fun together Nineteen Months to 2 Years Kadance's language and recognition skills are starting to improve by quite a bit
She is securely attached to both parents, but the communication is lacking between parent and child
She plays very well with other kids and stays in a positive mood
Kadance's scores on language development was above average
Her gross and fine motor skills are a bit lacking for a child of her age
Kadance knows her gender and can tell the difference between boys and girls
She is now toilet trained and rarely has accidents, Kadance was also toilet trained earlier then some of the kids at her daycare Kadance scored above average on language comprehension and production tests
She was above average in understand qualitiative relationships, as well as being above average in solving reasoning tasks
At this time Kadance's gross motor skills are below average Preschool Kindergarten Kadance has no difficulty adapting to Kindergarten life
She performed above average on volcabulary and being able to retell stories
Kadance showed a strong ability to count and use numbers
She has a great mind for visual art projects Grade One Kadance works great with other kids, while being able to work great in independent study
She has strengths in reading/writing, speaking/listen, math and visual arts
Kadance stayed pretty active during recess and physical game time After years of working with the same adoption agency, my partner and I finally got to adopt again, and have that second child we always wanted. Aurora is 2 years old when she comes into our family. Kadance's gross motor skills are below average and compared to what we learned in class she would have a hard time with phsyical activities
She excelled in fine motor skills and the ability to hold a pencil for drawing which is more normal for girls then it is boys
At this age range she also was above average in understanding the qualitative relations
Kadance's speech moved very quickly from two word speech to multiple word speech, for the reason that my partner and I talked with her a lot and read her many books and stories
She was very cooperative in class and had above average communication skills for her age range Realting to our Lectures At the age of eight years, my partner and I had Kadance psychologically tested
The results for math and math concepts showed that Kadance was in the gifted range
Her visual-spatial ability were in the the above average range Kadance's 5th grade teacher wrote on her report card, "Occasionally Kadance gets upset during stressful situations inside or ouside of the classroom, but usually is able to bounce back quite quickly." During this period of Kadance's life, my partner and I decided to separate with both of the children living my partner
After about 2 years my partner and I were able to settle our differences and we got back together
Because of what had happened, Kadance became a bit distant for until she entered middle school Relating to our Lectures With the psychological testing that Kadance went through we seen that she was above average in her cognitive functions
In mathematical skills my daughter was seen as in the "gifted range" and the partner I noticed is that this continues through out her life up to the age of 18
In her logical and spatial operations she was above the average
Kadance's reading and writing skills were very strong as well, and because of these skills she was placed in the gifted program at her school, which also played with her self-esteem because of the other kids who may have been stronger in some subjects
When my partner and I separated and then got back together, Kadance started to act out and she also refused to talk to either my partner or myself, but as she got older she started to warm back up to us and trust us again As Kadance went through middle and high school she was placed into a gifted program at her school, mainly focusing on english, social studies, math and science
As she got in the higher grades in high school she started taking AP classes and started to get more involved in school activities, such as student government, etc.
As a parent as well I was very active in her education and assisted her as much as I could, as well as communicating with her teachers as often as I could to see how well she was doing in class. In Kadance's Honor Biology and Algebra classes she got A's and both of her teachers wrote on her report card that, "Kadance was a pleasure to have in class." Kadance social network really started to influence her through this time frame
She was seeking the advice of her friends more so then her family
There were a few incidents where her friends convinced her to do things I disproved of, like underage drinking
The good thing is though Kadance was really resposible and mature for her age
This is the time of development when your peer group become the most influential At the last few years of high school, Kadance got a job, part-time, at a local grocery store to start saving money for to help pay for her college
There was one night when she wanted to assert her independence and she snuck out with her boyfriend and they got matching tattoo's, they were very small and not in a very noticeable place
She also scored in the top 5-10% of her LSATS, ACT and SATS
Kadance also got in several colleges that she applied to, and even to a few very selective colleges
She sent in her acceptance letter to a very prestigious institution that is out of state, and she is heading off to start the next chapter in her life Even know Kadance was very happy with her childhood and felt very close to both my partner and I, she felt even more close to to myself at the end, to the point that she comes to me for advice and feels like she can talk to me about anything that going on in her life. I was very please with the way my daughter turned out and I was actually shocked to find out as I was doing this assignment that I'm very much like my mother in the way I raised my daughter. My mother was an authoritative parent, and during this exercise I realised I will probably be as well. With all the testing that was done I always came in the top 15% for both warmth and discipline. I learned a lot about the way I parent, I was firm, but loving and was always there to talk when and if Kadance wanted to talk. I always tried to have her understand that she could come to me for anything no matter what it was, and she usually did. This project was an eye opener in the face that it help me realise that even if you think you make one little mistake, you probably didn't wreak your child, and I also love that I learned that I am very similar to my mother when it comes to raising children. Manis, F. (2004). My virtual child. Retrieved from http://www.myvirtualchild.com/ Loyalist College. (2013). Psychology: The pearson custom library. Boston, MA: Pearson Learning Solutions. (Loyalist College, 2013) (Manis, 2004) (Manis, 2004) (Manis, 2004) (Manis, 2004) (Manis, 2004) (Manis, 2004) (Loyalist College, 2013) (Loyalist College, 2013) (Loyalist College, 2013)
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