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Presentation-2040, World map

No description

lee sophie

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of Presentation-2040, World map

World Map
Language Function
For example,
in the United State of America, family is most important and valuable.
Protecting Our Planet
No city can compare with Paris in that respect. Seoul,
for instance,
is nowhere near as good.
You need to cut back on fatty food,
such as
butter, bacon, and meat.
Six were present,
the teacher.
Your own examples
for example
such as
for instance
Language Function
Your own examples
Urban challenges
There are many fruits,
endangered animals
Europe Map
Sophie's POP

Protecting Our Planet
Divide into 4 groups, and get a paper.

Present your team’s solution with proper reason and come here to put the piece.
Share your idea to solve the problem with your team members and write down your solutions.

Some luxury trains have a smart dress code for dinner,
for example.
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