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Speaker Support System

No description

Mark Behrendt

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of Speaker Support System

Speaker Support System
Design Solution Problem Statement No sufficient space to utilize a set of quality speakers Poor sound quality due to arrangement of speakers WHAT DO WE DO?! Design Statement We must design a speaker support system That MUST Allow the speakers to be securely mounted to the classroom's concrete block wall Constraints Design must be ready for manufacturing in 2 Weeks Each Speaker is 12"H x 9"W x 9"D Each speaker weighs 10 lbs. The system must be able to fit in a 11"x8.5"x5.5"
USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box for shipping purposes. The system must weigh under 20 lbs (not including
the weight of the speakers) Must be mechanically fastened to a concrete block wall
(mechanical fasteners provided by clients) System must allow speakers to be adjusted by tilting foreward/backward and panning left/right Idea Summary We made a platform that connects to braces
fastened to a wall. The fasteners give the platform a 10 degree freedom each direction that total up to 20 degrees. The joints for the platform and the wall mounts are interfereance joints. The support system comes appart to easily fit
in the Flat Rate Box. Prezi By Mark Behrendt Final Design Project By Mark Behrendt Austin Hastings Jared Lindenberg Travis Pescatello Cory Nichols CAD Model By Austin Hastings
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