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Ernst & Young

HPE 345 presentation

Brian Leffler

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Ernst & Young

Brian Leffler
Dustin Hargis
Karianne Sifferlin
Matt Zych
Meagan McLaughlin
Ryan Fallow Introduction Background Information Employee Population Needs Assessment What is stress?
How does it impact the workplace?
Possible health problems? 200 Employees
65% Male; 35% Female
Average Age: 48
47% Married
28% Divorced
25% Single 70% disagree about effective Wellness Program in place for employees
21% agree that internal communication is adequate
Top 3 program interests:
Stress management (51%)
Emotional/Mental Health (34%)
Ergonomics (15%)
Preferred times available:
Before work
During lunch
After work Ernst & Young Stress Reduction Program Needs Assessment Motivation for participation:
Gift Cards
Grand Prizes Program Goals 40% Participation
Lower health care costs
Decrease in absenteeism
75% to complete minimum point level Program Timeline Preprogram:
March 2013 contact CSU
July begin sign-ups
Awareness flyers
Deadline for sign-ups July 31st.
PAR-Q, liability, PSS, blood pressure test administered August Week 1
Class 1: What is stress?
Class 2: Major triggers of stress
Week 2
Class 1: How stress effects you psychologically
Class 2: How stress effects you physiologically
Week 3
Class 1: How your stress effects those around you
Class 2: Common unhealthy stress triggers
Week 4
Class 1: How you should be handling your stress
Class 2: BP screenings, PSS and recap questionnaire September Week 5
How yoga helps relieve stress
Week 6
Cleveland Indians game
Stress and your family
Week 7
Week 8
Laser Tag
Stress and your social life
BP screening, PSS, recap questionnaire October Week 9
Zumba/Golf Outing
Week 10
Breathing techniques/free massages
Week 11
Yoga/Dave and Busters trip
Week 12
Pilates/Pumpkin festival
PSS, blood pressure, recap questionnaire November Week 13
Week 14
Progressive muscle relaxation/Comedian
Week 15
Week 16
Breathing techniques/Cleveland Cavaliers game
Assessment Day Incentives Points program
350+ Grand Prize entry
First grand prize:
3-day 2-night trip to Sarasota, FL.
2nd grand prize:
2 days paid vacation (PTO)
Visa gift card drawings:
300-349: $100 (2)
275-299: $50 (3)
250-274: $25 (4) Cost? Students= $75/class
23 sessions=$1,725
Indians game= $2,400
Cavaliers game=$2,400
VISA gift cards=$450
Time off=$350
Pumpkin Festival= $480
DnB= $800
Laser Tag: $500
Comedian: $250
Stress balls: $31 Total Cost: $12,000 Program Evaluation Survey to the people
Decrease/maintain in blood pressure
Retention rate (75%)
PSS scores
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