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Mount Vesuvius

OUr prezi is about Mount Vesuvius

Blake Rodack

on 17 December 2010

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Transcript of Mount Vesuvius

This is a picture of Mount Vesuvius. This is located in Naples, Italy. This is Naples. This volcano is a stratovolcano that means it has many layers. Mount Vesuvius has lava called felsic magma, that means rich. Mount Vesuvius is 1281 meters tall. It is also about 700 feet wide. The coordanites of Mount Vesuvius are 40 49 N 14 26 E Mount Vesuvius is 9 kilometers east from Nalples. The best known eruption from Mount Vesuvius is around 1800 B.C and is called the Avellino eruption. Another good eruption was in 79 A.D. This volcano is active even though it hasn't erupted in a long time. The name Vesuvius means unextingushed. People live near Mount Vesuvius after the eruption because the ash from the volcano makes the land fertile for grapes for wine to grow. There is a folktale of Mount Vesuvius in ancient times. The story started out by smoke coming out of the ferocious volcano. Boulders were rolling down the volcano, everybody rushed out of Pompeii. Years later people came back to Pompeii but it was buried in rubble. Some people did nont make it out alive. The disadvantage of living near Mount Vesuvius is their could be an eruption even though it hasn't erupted in a long time. Two advantages of living near Vesuvius is fertile land and Mount Vesuvius to hike up. Our reasearch came from Wikipedia, The Volcanoes around the world, Mount Vesuvius book, Power Library, Geology.com and Encyclopedia Britanica. When a volcano forms it creates a crater called a caldera. Mount Vesuvius's caldera is called The Somma Rim. This is the crater. These are videos of Mount Vesuvius. These videos may contain minor violance. This is music. The ash of Mount Vesuvius creates the fertile land which makes grapes fertelized and makes the grapes grow ripe and plump for the wine that people make by using the ash. The caldera is formed in bodies of water when the Tectonic plates create movement. Mount Vesuvius has erupted many times in history. It has erupted 29 times in history. In 79 A.D it erupted. Here is a list of dates when Vesuvius erupted: 172,203,222,303,379,472,512,536,685,787,860,900,968,991,999,1006,1037,1047,1073,1139,1150,1270,1327,1500,1631,1906, 1929,1944 that was the last blow of Vesuvius. By Blake Rodack and Mark Gregory.
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