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Automatic Door Opening System  

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Snns Sa

on 23 December 2015

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Transcript of Automatic Door Opening System  

ECE 210L
Final Project

1- Introduction
3- Problem Definition
4- Major Components
5-circuit diagram

Automatic washroom light controller, utilizes automation to provide easier facilitate to human beings. Sometimes we forget to switch off the washroom light and it remains on unnoticed for long periods. This may lead to power wastage and also the lifetime of the lights may decrease.

Problem Definition
There is a sense of urgency for developing circuits that would ease the complexity of life.The circuit is designed to consume lesser power so that the circuit can be used in any household or public washrooms without worrying about the power bills.
The main objective of this project is to design an automation system for washroom light to turn on and off automatically.
Automatic Washroom Light Controller 
Major Components
Motion senser
We discovered that the use of motion sensor with arduino was a great idea to control the light. The main objective of the automatic washroom light switch is to conserve and save the consumption of the electrical energy especially for home usage.It was a good experience to control a light using arduino, motion sensor and relay.
Circuit diagram
This project consists of three main parts:

Arduino controller

Motion sensor


Basically PIR sensor detects any change in heat, and whenever it detects any change, its output PIN becomes HIGH.

Relay is an electromagnetic switch, which is controlled by small current, and used to switch ON and OFF relatively much larger current.The controller will send the infoemation to the relay in order to close the circuit to light up the light bulb.
Prepared By:

Bashaer AlSulami
Marya Bawazir
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