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A Separate Peace

No description

Lizzeth Gomez

on 21 September 2015

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Transcript of A Separate Peace

A Separate Peace
By: Lizzeth Gomez
Thank you!
Plot Diamgram
Plot Diagram
- Finny realizes someone wanted him to fall of the tree and this causes him to storm out of the audiotorium where he trips on the staircase and brakes another bone.

10. Gene realizes Finny is truely his best friend.

11. Now Gene realizes that Finny was the anger he had and the jealousy he has towards finny.

- Finny dies and as a result, Gene feels like a part of him died with Finny and finally being able to be at peace. He now knows Finny was never the enemy.
Friendship and jealousy

The tree symbolized how nothing stays the same in life. World War II symbolized the war Gene was going through with himself.

The tree foreshadowed its' significance and how it could be used as a weapon just like it was used on Finny.

When finny breaks his leg he was pushed off by his best friend Gene and friends are supposed to be nice not mean.
Everyone jokes that Gene was the one responsible for Finny falling and it is ironc because we know somthing they don't.
Plot Diagram
5. Finnhy's leg broke and and Gene tries to tell him the truth but finny doesn't want to hear it and doesn't want to believe him.

6. Finny wants Gene to play sports because he can't.

7. Leper and Gene get in a fight and Leper accuses Gene of having something to do with Finny falling off.

8. The boys talk bout finny's fall.

Protagonist; Gene

Antagonist; Gene's self

Setting-time; 1942 world war II

Setting-place; new England Devon School

Internal conflict- How Gene felt after causing finny's accident.

External Conflict- Gene and Quackenbush fight and they both get thrown in the river.
Gene arguing with leper when Leper accuses gene of pushing finny out of the tree.
1. Gene goes back to Devon school 15 years later remininscing about the memories he made.

2. Gene and his friends jump the tree.

3. Gene starts getting a little jealous of how Finny can get away with eveything.

4. Finny fallsoff the tree because Gene not nowing Gene shook the tree.
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