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Shel Silverstein

No description

Kervens Boutin

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Shel Silverstein

Fun Facts
Before Shel Silverstein became an author, he actually wanted to become a pro baseball player.
More Fun Facts
In his children's books Shel Silverstein disguised himself as Uncle Shelby.
Kervens Boutin
Hi, my name is Kervens Boutin and I will be presenting Sheldon Allan Silverstein.
In 1969 Shel Silverstein won the Grammy Award for the Best Country Song, 'A Boy Named Sue.
Sheldon Silverstein was born on September 25, 1930.
Shel Silverstein's ex-wife Susan Hastings died in 1975.
In 1956, Sheldon's book Take Ten was reprinted by Ballantine Books as Grab Your Socks.
He also wanted to be "popular" with the girls, but the ladies did not dig him, so he stuck with writing.
During his time in the Korean war he drew cartoons and illustrations.
On May 9 or 10, 1999 the great Sheldon Silverstein dies after a glorious life, his motto was "Have a good time".
Shel Silverstein was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.
Shel had a sister named Peggy and his parents' name were Nathan and Helen.
After Graduating high school Shel went to the University of Illinois which he got kicked out of after a year.
Shel Silverstein went to Roosevelt High School
He then went on to the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts for one year and he was soon off to Roosevelt University to study English for 3 years.
In 1963 Shel Silverstein met Ursula Nordstrom who was a book editor that convinced him write children's books.
In 1956, intrigued by his cartoons and artwork, playboy magazine hired him as a staff cartoonist.
In 1969, Shel Silverstein wrote the lyrics for one of his famous songs "A Boy Named Sue" which was sung by Johnny Cash.
Shel Silverstein was

drafted in the U.S Army to serve in the Korean War in 1953.
There he drew cartoons and illustrations for the Pacific Stars and Stripes.
His artwork in Playboy Magazine is what got him his national recognition.
By 1959 Shel SIlverstein had started to explore other kinds of art like music, poems, and writing.
That's also the year he debuted his album "Hairy Jazz," which featured the band Red Onions.
The following year he wrote "A Giraffe and a Half" and his blockbuster book "The Giving Tree".
In 1974 he won the ALA Notable book and the Outstanding Book Award for "Where the Sidewalk Ends".
In 1981 he won the Best Book Award for "A Light in The Attic".
In 1982 he won the Children's Choice Award for "The Missing Piece.
In 1984 he won another Grammy Award for "Where the Sidewalk ends, he also won the William book award for "A Light in The Attic.
Also in addition to all those awards, in 2002 he was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters hall of fame.
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