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Could... - was/were able to...

No description

Albita Sofia Manrique

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Could... - was/were able to...

Could... - was/were able to...
To Express ability when referring to the past. [GENERAL ABILITY]

- When she was 7, she
already speak three languages.

- Jack was an excellent swimmer, he
beat anybody in his class.

- I
ride a bike when I was six.

For a specific event.

- The fog came down and I
wasn't able to
get to the top of the mountain.

- Last saturday evening was cool, I felt good and I
was able to
run 5 km.

exercises -complete
1. When I was young, I ... run a marathon.
2. The weather was sunny, so we ... eat outside.
3. My grandmother ... speak three languages.
4. During the weekend we ... do some gardening.
5. I ... contact him, last night.
6. When she was young, my aunt ... run for miles
7. At 4 years old he ... read quite well.

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