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Tips for a Winning Resume

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Thayane Fernandes

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of Tips for a Winning Resume

Thank you!

27 years, Russian, Single
58, Suvorovsky, apt 52, St. Petersburg, Russia - 191015
+7 812 264-69-22
Financial Analyst
An enthusiastic and dedicated professional with excellent analytical abilities in the field of finance. High levels of numerical capability. Quick to grasp new ideas and able to work on his own initiative. Has a logical approach to challenges and is able to meet tight deadlines. Strong project management skills. A great team player with good interpersonal skills.
MA Degree in Economics specialising in Finance and Credit jan/2007 - jul/2008
St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance

BA Degree in Economics sep/2003 - jun/2007
St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance
Advanced English (IELTS 8.0, BEC Higher)
Intermediate German
Elementary Finnish
University of Jyväskylän (Finland) dec/2007 - jan/2007
Finance, Business Networks, Family Business, Marketing, Finnish Language

Berlin School of Economics (Germany) apr/2006 - jul/2006
International Economic Relations, International Marketing, German Language
Bank of Foreigh Trade (St. Petersburg) apr/2007 - present
(American large company. One of the big five banks in the sector)

Financial Analyst (dec/2008 - present)
Interniship (apr/2007 - nov/2008)
Daily financial analysis;
Preparing financial statements;
Data processing;
Marketing surveys
Available for traveling
- Avoid many surnames and/or abbreviations;
- Don’t add identity documents;
- “Dating” is not civil status;
- In some cases Zip code is a selection criteria;
- Prevent embarrassing e-mail address;
- Use short links;
- Be objective! Indicate the profession/area that you intend to work;
- Don’t add the “job title”, at least that you are applying for a specific job;
- Distinct quite target require different CVs;
- Don’t write "life goals";
- All your resume information have to be in line with your professional goal;
- Summarize in a single paragraph your qualifications/skills;
- If you don’t have past professional experience, describe your behavioral profile;
- Always from most recent to oldest;
- If you are studying or have studied Higher Education don't list your High School course, unless it is Technical course or done abroad;
- Add the start date and end date;
- Add the language and the fluency level;
- Don't add any basic level course, unless you are attending;
- If you have some improvement certificate, include;
- If you did some course abroad, add in this part, including the school name and period studied;
- Add a short description of the worked companies, besides segment and company size;
- Describe briefly your main responsibilities;
- Use bullets to make the reading easier;
- Add the start and end date;
- Courses or workshops in your area;
- Possible “availabilities”
(time, travel, change of city/country);
- Published articles, personal blog or sites that you collaborates with publications;
- Voluntary work
- Academic activities (class representative, Scientific Initiation, class monitor);
- Possible awards (employee of the month, the best class student);
Golden Tips!
Final Tips
- Be always objective in your text
- Printed CV x Online CV
- Bold and underline
- And remember: to your resume be effective you need to hook recruiter attention in the first 10 seconds!
Thayane Fernandes
The resume is a marketing piece made ​​to sell the main product:
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