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No description

Jessica Briscoe

on 30 July 2014

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Transcript of BYOT


Wednesday, September 4th
Page 49 in your agenda MUST be signed
Review of guidelines and procedures...

"I will..."
Abide by the Acceptable Use Policy
Use devices for educational purposes and during designated times
Keep my personal information private!
Show respect for myself and others when using social media.
Give credit to others for their work.
Report inappropriate use immediately!
Read the fine print...
I agree too...
take full responsibility for my device.
comply with any teacher's request for "technology down," only using the device during specified times.
make use of the district's secured wireless network.
What PCMS will NOT do...
care for costs, replacement, or technical support of student devices.
provide time to charge devices in the classroom
Please remember...
The school reserves the right to inspect your device if there is reason to believe you have violated school policies and procedures.
Violations of any kind may result in the loss of use of the device in school and/or disciplinary action.
The school is not financially responsible for data you use over your own 3G or 4G network. A secured wireless network is provided.
How to connect to the wireless network...
Under available networks, choose PCSD GUEST
No password should be required.
When you are out of range of the school's wireless network, your 3G/4G will automatically reconnect
Sportin' Bear BYOT Procedures
Devices should not be out or visible until designated times. Teachers will use the following symbols to indicate when the appropriate times are:
A red "X" means all devices should be put away and not visible.
A green check means that devices may be out and visible, ready to use.
If your device is out or visible at the wrong time...
First offense: warning (documented on the stat card)
Second offense: strike on the stat card
Every offense after: a discipline referral to the office.
If a teacher suspects that you are using your device inappropriately
(not using for educational purposes or not using as directed),
your device will be taken and a discipline referral will be written.
Class punishments may be made by the individual teachers.
Please help!
If you upgrade your device or just get a new one, donate your old device! We want to provide all students the opportunity and experience of working with educational technology.

Donations should be turned in to the Media Center.
Pic Collage
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