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Five themes of Geography


Don Fought

on 2 November 2009

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Transcript of Five themes of Geography

Five themes of Geography Theme 1: Location
Where is it? Absolute: a specific place or address
Relative: where is a place in relation to another place. Theme 2: Place What is it like there? What
kind of place is it? Human characteristics: cultural features
Physical characteristics: land features, climate, bodies of water, etc. Theme 3: Human-Environment Interaction How people interact with
their environment Adapt to it
Modify it
Depend on it Theme 4: Movement How places are linked to one
another and the world in general
Movement of..
Ideas We now know how people and goods can move, so how can ideas move? Theme 5: Regions What places have in
common with other places Grouping places according
to what they have in common Group places by:
political systems
land features
cultural features Summary:
What are 5 themes of geography? 1. Location
2. Place
3. Human-Environment Interaction
4. Movement
5. Regions
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