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Deep-Sea Danger

Reading Street grade 6 unit 4

Joanel Whinham

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Deep-Sea Danger

Content Objective Hatch
silt Vocabulary Cougars will use proof from text to draw conclusions Content Objective Comprehension Skill DRAW CONCLUSIONS
Form a reasonable opinion
Use what you already know
Use facts you read about Deep Sea Danger
Pg 116 Set a purpose for reading: Cougars will determine correct meanings to multiple meaning words Deep-Sea Danger a door opening in the floor or ceiling of a boat can be completely covered with water a long, slender, flexible growth on the head or around the mouth of an animal, used to touch, hold, or move conceit; self-importance brave
courageous act of moving forward or onward, a propelling force fine particles of dirt carried by moving water Vocab Story:
EXPLORATION pg 115 Language Objective Cougars will:
complete a diagram of details from reading and discuss the details with a partner to draw a conclusion from the details Detail
Detail Conclusion
Detail practice Read Pg 113 Question of the week:
Why do explorers seek out other worlds? Genre: drama
a story written to be acted for an audience Students will discuss context clues to help them discover which meaning is correct in this situation. Language Objective
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