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Designing a University Support Service

Understanding QFD & Implementing it in a University Support Service

Sudhanshu Rathod

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Designing a University Support Service

Designing a University Support Service

Group F
Introduction of RRC
What is QFD?
Implementing QFD to solve the problem
Analysis and recommendations
Research Resource Center
Support facility for faculty and student research
Test preparation, manuscript preparation, resumes, flyers, brochures, faxing, copying, typing and computer application
Jody, Candy, Marie and part time students
Introduction to RRC
Getting essence of customer need and expectations
Technical requirements should be “HOW” by which company will respond to “WHAT” i.e. customer requirements
A strong relationship matrix
Key selling points
Evaluation compared with competitive requirements
Distinguished factors which have highest priority
Key service components to deploy QFD
Current vs Proposed layout
Other recommendations
Provide more training to students
Proper distribution of work
Introducing E-service
Use of 4 phases of QFD
Quality Function Deployment
Planning process to guide design, manufacturing and marketing by integrating the voice of customer
Focuses on drivers of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, making it a useful tool for competitive analysis of product quality
Improves productivity and quality
Reduces time for new product development
House of Quality
Identify customer requirements
Technical requirements that provide foundation for product or service design
Relationship matrix between the customer and technical requirements
Add competitor evaluation and key selling points
Evaluate technical requirements of competitive products and services and develop targets
Select technical requirements to be deployed in the remainder of the process
Coordinator; specialty computer applications
Taking work orders, assist customers to in low tech functions, do not interfere in confidential matters
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