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11 4/4

No description

erika steinger

on 6 April 2017

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Transcript of 11 4/4

11 4/4
Literary genre in which characters are a product of their environment
Explores concepts such as survival in the context of human society
Depressing storylines that face harsh realities of life
Complex characters facing intense struggles
Heredity (genetics) and social conditions are unavoidable parts of one's life
Seeks to define the underlying causes of a person's actions or beliefs
Lack of free will
Example: a poor immigrant will never escape poverty or effect real change because of existing conditions
Of Mice and Men
Do Now
Go to the back of the room and get your independent reading book
Begin reading silently and independently
Tuesday, April 4th
stop and jot
Based on its name alone, what would you expect this literary genre means?
Knowing what we do about the context of the book, how do we expect naturalism will apply to the characters?
focus question
How does Steinbeck employ naturalism in the opening scene of the text?
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