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The McGill Model

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luree best

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of The McGill Model

The McGill Model
What are Models?
Give us shape and perceive what is happening, game plan to give strategies and judgment, navigate through the nursing world (Newman vs. ,McGill)
What shapes the McGill Model?
Focus on health rather than illness
Family goals rather than nurses
Family strengths rather than deficits
Focus on all family members, not just the client alone
Three phases of the BASIC nursing approach
Practice Working
Evaluation and Discovery
Now that we know the basic nursing approaches, how can we connect them to the Mcgill Model?
Evaluation/discovery phase:
Think of the acronym, MCGILL
Foundation of nursing. Begin working together with the client who is the family and building a partnership. Gather all the info about the patient, and what their strengths are and what they want to work on (the women with the granola and coca cola)
-LISTEN to your client, dont pass judgment as to why they came to you
Practice/ Working
: started to get her to sleep and relax (come from their strengths and what they want to change, move towards health where their strengths are.
Guiding Questions/Assessment are:
1) what is the family dealing with (not what you think they are) 2) what is the family working towards? 3) How are they going about it so far, what are they doing? 4) what are their strengths, what do you see as their potential as to where they want to go? (not a judgment whether if they’ll do it or not) 5) What resources and positive resources (support, info, books) are they using, what can you offer after knowing this?
• Intrinsic qualities, qualities within, inner strength, look for it and comment on it with your patient.
Letting go of traditional roles:Working
with families may not match how you see
things and vise versa
Leave the power with the family
Moyra Allen
Client, (person)
3 Nurse Approaches
It's a perfect balance!
• Nursing (one pillar) promoting their health, not fixing them. Promote and support their capacity to move toward health. Keep it positive and encouraging but at the same time still admin drugs etc to help the patient instead of picking apart the bad things of a situation)
• The person in Mcgill is family, or the people who mean the most to the client, you don’t look at the client as an individual but the whole family.
• Health and disease can coexist at the same time, (diabetes and still being healthy at the same time) you can coexist with chronic illness and health *IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND WITH MCGILL MODEL
pillars in what we do, and the models connect to them
4 pillars: Person, nurse, health and environment
Elements that a nursing model must address, for example, not health care but health. Each nursing model has a definition or explains what each element for a model looks like (Newman vs. McGill)
The nurse strives to structure a
learning environment that enables the patient to participate
as fully as possible. The nurse and the patient together set goals and, building on the patient strengths and resources
devise means of achieving them.
Four elements of the McGill Model
Describes health, family, collaboration, and learning within the health, person, environment, and nursing paradigm. According to the model, the central goal of nursing is to maintain, strengthen, and develop the patient's health by actively engaging him/her in a learning process. Because health is a learned phenomenon and the family is considered the primary socializer in this learning, the family is the focus of nursing.
What is the McGill Model?
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