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Reading Strategies

A breakdown of some of the best reading strategies for middle and high schoolers.

Jarrod Horne

on 3 December 2010

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Transcript of Reading Strategies

Reading Strategies Boring... Reading Strategies with
Cam Newton What is a reading strategy? A strategy is an
intentional plan that
is flexible and can be
adapted to meet the needs
of the situation. Strategies give readers
options for thinking
about the text when reading
words alone doesn't produce
meaning. Some Good
Reading Strategies Activating background
knowledge Drawing inferences from
the text using background
knowledge and clues from
the text. Self-questioning the text
to deepen understanding. Employing fix-up
strategies to repair
confusion. What does this make you think of? "The breakout player of the 2010 college football season was discussing his reciprocal arrangement with the crowd at Jordan-Hare Stadium. 'You give and you get,' Auburn quarterback Cam Newton was explaining earlier this week. 'You feed the crowd, and the crowd gives you this type of energy that [makes you] feel like you can do anything. I learned that from the great [Tim] Tebow.'
He meant it as an homage, of course. But every time he mentions how much he admires Tebow, how much he's learned from Tebow, it's as if he's tearing a strip of duct tape off the chest of Gator Nation." "Blinn [Junior College] isn't a football boot camp...exactly. But it is a place where young men, under Coach Fran's firm guidance, are made over. 'There are exceptions,' he says, 'but if you're at junior college, there's usually something that needs some work. We give our young men structure and discipline.'

'Newton needed it. He had some details he needed to improve on,' says the coach, 'and I think we helped him with that.' Asked for specifics, he mentioned just a single incident, when Newton was late for a meeting the day before a game against Northeastern Oklahoma. Franchione sat him for the first quarter.

Should Newton bring home Auburn its first Heisman since Bo Jackson in 1985, should the Tigers win a certain, coveted, oblong crystal, a little piece of each trophy will belong at a tiny juco in Texas." Now use all three! Make a connection.
Make a prediction.
Stop and think.
Ask a question.
Retell what you've read.
Reread. Activity Time!! http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/writers/austin_murphy/10/21/newton/index.html#ixzz14iv4dyP8 http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2010/writers/austin_murphy/10/21/newton/index.html#ixzz14iv4dyP8
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