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2.02 Early Cells

No description

Kawshain Jabbar

on 13 December 2014

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Transcript of 2.02 Early Cells

2.02 Early Cells
2.02 Early Cells
By Kawshain Jabbar
Placed egg in Jar
Two hours later and the egg started floating

Towards the end of the procedure I noticed a foul stench and I took it out I held it. It felt like a toy, or a bouncy ball. Ten I put it in water and after 24 hours it became even bigger about 1 cm bigger. I recorded my observation and put the egg in corn syrup and after 24 hours the gg was completely deflated.
I thought the egg would grow a bit and I thought it would lose its shell, I also thought that it would get really because I don't really like the smell of vinegar. I think the cell membrane does let water inside because the egg is supposed to get bigger.
Water in Egg
All the water has been taken out of the egg after putting the egg in corn syrup. The corn syrup got thinner becasue of all the water.
Safety Notes
Wash you hands after handling the egg.

Make sure you have supervision from you parents or guardians.

I was right the egg did grow and it did lose its shell, but it also got huge and slimy. I didnt know that would happen.
Egg Size

24 14 cm

48 15cm
Raw Egg Corn Syrup
Jar with Lid

16 1/2 cm
The transport was caused by Osmosis and Osmosis is a passive transport. So that means the
transport was actually passive..
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