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Real Life Math Project By Kassandra Molina

No description

kassandra molina

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Real Life Math Project By Kassandra Molina

Money Of Life I want to live in a house in Nipomo, California. Cell Phone I want a phone with texting and Internet Real Life Math Project
By: Kassandra Molina Questions This Project Has Made Me Think About ~How do I want to live when I'm 25?
~How much money will I need to live this way?
~What kind of jobs fit my interest?
~What kind of job will support my lifestyle?
~What college degree does this job need?
~How long will it take?
~What kind of goals can I set for myself? Wear Any Clothes I Want To Buy some furniture
for my house. I don't need to go to the gym,
I can just go running outside I am going to save 7% of what I earn for EMERGENCIES Expenses Monthly Expenses ~
$ 4,285.25
Annual Expenses ~
$ 51,423.00
Taxes ( 25% of Annual Expenses) ~
$ 12,855.75.00
Annual Salary Needed ~
$64,279.00 One job that will pay enough: Certified Juvenile Probation Officer Job Information Certified Juvenile Probation Officer:
~ Bachelors Degree (4years)
~ Pays between $50,460.00 and $100,950.00
~ In 2012 the average wage paid yearly was $75,370.00
~ Outlook: 15,100 employed in 2020 What I've Learned ~ If I want to live this lifestyle I need to succeed
~ Failing is not an option for me
~ I need to make decisions for my future Goal 1 ~
To do my best right now as I'm finishing 8th grade
Goal 2 ~
To graduate High School with good grades
Goal 3 ~
To go to college and get my life situated Goals Own a 1968 Fastback Impala
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