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Alanna,Gaberiel, and Jam

No description

Angela Altazan

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Alanna,Gaberiel, and Jam

Penny Debate Conflict
[Anti-Penny] We should get rid of the penny, it is worth nothing anyway!

[Penny] We should not because ALOT of charities depend on pennies.

[Anti-Penny] Why cant they just use nickels?

[Penny] ooh that's good but it cost two nickels to make one.

[Anti-Penny] I still don't agree but that's it for now

We should not get rid of pennies because some people say if you find a penny you have good luck. So for the people who believe that they will be sad because the will not have any good luck.
That Is Why We Shouldn't keep the penny!
Reasons To Not Keep Penny
Will save money over time
Penny is worth nothing because it costs more than it is worth
People usually don't care about pennies and usually throw them away
People leave a penny fund for the next person in line to use but the penny fund is to small to use
Penny Video
Penny Debate
Get Rid Of The Penny!
We should get rid of the penny because people usually throw them away or don't use them, also stores don't sell things for pennies. The penny does not have a worth anymore because it cost 2 pennies to make 1 penny.
you saw the reasons and hopefully saw the videos, links, and pictures
Reasons To Keep
There are thousands of charities that depend on pennies
If we eliminate the penny we will have to produce more nickels
If we eliminate the penny prices will go up 4 cents
Zinc companies will lose money
Keep the Penny Summary!!!
if we get rid of the penny lots of charities that use pennies would not be able to help people and everything will go up four cents and we would need more nickels and that's why we should not get rid of the penny
Penny Videos
Watch this for the penny debate
ONLY! seconds 58 and above
This concludes my reasoning
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