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No description

J. Vannier

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of SHOES

Created in 2005 in France.

First French pure player
inspired by Zappos.com (USA)


2012: delivers in
25 European countries.

Strategy based on
selection & customer services.

Revenue :
> €100 million

Number of unique visitors a month (France) :
3 million

1 fashion blog :
How do they make people visit their websites ?
Prospect - Client
Market overview
Consumer Journey
Women rule
Market/race overview
The 3 main competitors

Spartoo - Zalando - Sarenza

Launched in 2008 in
and became
from 2009 (14 countries)

shoes, clothes and accessories

customer services
large choice
of products.

Massive advertisement campaign :
"Hurlez de plaisir".


revenue of
€1.15 billion
in 2012 (X2)

5 million
of unique visitors a month in France.

1 fashion blog :

Launched in
2006 in France
& keeps growing since.

: from the Spartans and the web double oo

180 employees

Revenue of
€130 millions
in 2012.

4 million
of unique visitors a month in France

Focus on
choice & services
Promise less, deliver more

2 other websites + 1 blog :

= Traditional advertising
= Direct online marketing
= Indirect online marketing
TV, Radio &Billboard
Radio, Billboard & Newspapers
Why are traditional media useful ?
Second screen
Real-time Data
TV, Radio, Billboard & Newspapers
Be where people are
Be the first to appear when they look for what you sell
= Traditional advertising
= Direct online marketing
Sarenza is the first to appear when you search for “chaussures”

Few other opponents appear before spartoo

Zalando doesn’t appear in the first 7 links. It’s a big weakness that creates a need of other traffic generators.

"I wouldn't like to be in anyone else's shoes"
"There is still some room on that market"
"Most classical businesses envy mine"
"The market has a bright future"
billions in France
billions in Europe
When you you don't appear,
pay to appear
Brands fight to buy adwords and appear on the top of the list when customers search for shoes.

The more brands fight, the higher the price is.

Websites also try to find customers on very specific keywords just like “chaussures de travail” to get a less expensive price per click

= Indirect online marketing
Social media to push communities
to the websites
Community is useful if you can transfer it to your website
The best solution is to feed people with games, special events but also discounts.
75% of the prospect clients will leave the website if they don’t find what they’re looking for within 2 minutes.
Ergonomy is the key to the fluid, easing browsing consumers are looking for.
Efficiency > Esthetics
Fancy designs = makes the customer think that the products are expensive
Powerful & "smart" search engine
Multiple searching tools
Various filters (by brand, type of shoes...) combinable
Research & Planning
Goal : gain the customer's confidence
Decision making process is the phase in which customers are the most apprehensive
Checkout Flow
Zoom-in options
Precise description of the texture and fabric
Pictures from every angle
Secured Payment
30 or 100 days to exchange, free shipping
Advice on sizes depending on the brand
thirds of the shopping carts on e-commerce websites are cancelled at this step.
Review and Confirm
Goal : reduce order cancellations.
All payment steps on the same page (Spartoo)
Clear order recap page
No additional fees in the last phase
Customer service hotline informations
Bigger images & letters on the last page
E-commercers view each sale as the foundation stone for a long term relationship
Building a long-term relationship
Websites have their own blogs and pay
to appear on famous blogs

Blogs with editorial articles
The importance of external links in traffic generation
Zalando is winning the fight of external links
One-to-one marketing with the Newsletters
Promotions for members
Strategic building of a prompt, friendly and timely relationship with the customers
fashion/ price
Need a large offer
No significant sense of fashion but
desire to be fashionable
on current trends

Young urban people
Very demanding in
rare products
different, exclusive
Products that follow
current trends
People that are Socially conscious

Have a
sense of fashion
Looking for a
offer and categories
Good prices

They have
compulsive spending moments a year

They buy
pairs of shoes a year
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