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Warby Parker Eye Wear

No description

Tatyana Vaintroub

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Warby Parker Eye Wear

Warby Parker Eye-wear
Warby Parker is a socially responsible company that supplying eye-wear and vision care, and also is using glasses and contacts to create jobs and foster economy development
Working on a buy-one-give-one method, Warby Parker believes that "every one has the right to see." (Founders)
15% of global population has no access to glasses. Which means that they do not have to proper tools to learn and work. Warby Parker is determined to address this issue.
- Cut out the middle-man
- Independent company
- Create its' own designs
- Cheaper frames
- Same quality as $500 glasses
- Lenses are included in price
Niel Blumenthal
Andrew Hunt
Jeffrey Raider
David Gilboa
Former Director of the non-profit company VisionSpring
Five years of giving glasses to people around the world
Who make less than $4 a day
Otherwise Could not see
Originally from New York City
Study eye-wear design in over 40 countries

Worked in the finance and health care industries

Believed that there had to be a way to deliver top quality eye-wear for less
Spiritual Leader of Warby Parker
Has qualities for bringing people together

Join to create Warby Parker because he couldn't find frames that fit is picky style
Swedish homeland
Adventure seeker

He aspires one day to summit Mount Everest
Warby Parker was created to solve the problem of over-priced glasses and to make top quality product for less.
The product is suitable for all groups of age, race, sex, and nationality.
The company was founded in 2010
Headquarters is now located in New York
The logo does not reflect the purpose / concept of the product, but there is a reason behind choosing the name
"Warby Parker"
The founders of Warby Parker were inspired by the pop culture icon Mr. Jack Kerouac.
They chose the name with an inspiration of two of Mr. Kerouac's earliest characters:
and created:
Warby Parker
Warby Parker is sold Online at:
And in retail stores around the US
New York City, NY
Greene St.
Boston, MA
Newbury St.
Los Angeles, CA
The Standard, Hollywood
Out of the Box
- Use the product and the concept as a focal point
- Create a modern design of the store inspired by geometric forms that make a statement
- Enhance the shopping experience
- Use high-tech technology for choosing frames
Warby Parker are not alone...
One for one movement:
For each TOMS pair of shoes purchased, another pair is being donated to a person in need
One for one Mission:
For every pair of ROMA boots purchased, a pair is donated to a child living in cold and wet climates
Product: Eye wear

Out of the Box:
- Warby Parker eye wear
- Brand-name eye wear
- Affordable eye exam
- Personal eye-fitting
Why eye wear?
- Everyone use eye wear
- Glasses for vision is a need
- Styles
- Socially-responsible
Good reason
Not only donation
by Alexander Nowotny
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