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Business Ethics - BUS 202Autumn 2012

Alanda Theriault

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Consumers

Agenda Business & Society Consumers 1. Group project return & final exam study tips.
2. Presentation & discussion
3. Obligations to consumers?
4. Instructor evaluation
Group Project

Exam What obligations do businesses have towards consumers? relevant ethical theories and philosophers? Product
Safety legal liability contract law - contract b/w buyer and seller common law - implies certain conditions of sale government safety regulations Responsibilities
Business 1. Business should give safety the priority warranted by the product.

2. Business should abandon the misconception that accidents occur exclusively as a result of product misuse and that it is thereby absolved of all responsibility.

3. Business must monitor the manufacturing process itself.

4. When a product is ready to be marketed, companies should have their product safety staff review their market strategy and advertising for potential safety problems.

5. When a product reaches the marketplace, firms should make available to consumers written information about the product's performance.

6. Companies should investigate consumer complaints. Product
Pricing Pricing Price Fixing Price gouging Deceptive
Practices Labelling & packaging Adverts deceptive techniques.


concealed facts.


psychological appeals.

Ads for children. Discussion
Presentations Next Week Final week of lecture!

The Environment

Final Exam - week of December 04
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