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No description

Disha Patel

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Voodoo

By: Ivneet Nagra & Disha Patel Voodoo Origin Beliefs Spritual Leader Rituals Symbols Voodoo Dolls - Myth - Originated into Haiti from the tribal religons of West Africa Voodoo Spirits to make contact with spirits, gain favor or obtain help - Marie Laveau was the first queen of Voodoo in the 1830s

- She was respected and feared by all followers

- Many visit her grave site asking for blessings "Veves" are symbols for a "Loa" Festivals/Holidays Cultural Impact guardian of the gates, crossroads, courtyards and all Vodou temples intermediary between the livings and the spiritual world Beliefs Voodoo Spirits sacred twins of Vodou blessings, the gift of children and the sacredness of family Legba Marassa help those having problems conceiving children, or other very important matters such as the dying of an infant Beliefs Voodoo Spirits Agwe: spirit of the sea Aida Wedo: rainbow spirit Ayza: protector Baka: an evil spirit who takes the form of an animal Baron Samedi: guardian of the grave Dambala (or Damballah-wedo): serpent spirit Erinle: spirit of the forests Ezili (or Erzulie): female spirit of love Mawu Lisa: spirit of creation Ogou Balanjo: spirit of healing Ogun (or Ogu Bodagris): spirit of war Osun: spirit of healing streams Sango (or Shango): spirit of storms Yemanja: female spirit of waters Zaka (or Oko): spirit of agriculture Purpose Marriage Lucky Events Healing Death Birth Animal Sacrfice Dancing Hypothesis Way of Life
- Everything in the world connected
- Nothing happens by chance, there are no accidents, only fate

Purpose: To become one with nature to connect with their higher power and connect with the universe Question: Will this religion be the way it
is portrayed in society? Hypothesis: This religion is portrayed to be an exotic and mystical religion in the media and as well as through the society. We think that all this may be a negative way the religion is looked upon and have true rituals and beliefs like any other religion. How did you portray this religion before the presentation and how do you portray it now?

- The closest thing to a Voodoo Doll they use is a loa - Voodoo is practiced by 95% of the Haitian Population, and about 60 million people world wide Holy Places - New Orleans Voodoo Spritual Temple

-Established in 1990 by Priest Miriam and Priest Oswan Chamani Sacred Writing - There are no known scared texts or scriptures

- However in Voodoo there are many chantings performed during rituals Loa Papa Legba Papa legba, open the gate for me, Ago eh

Open thegate for me papa

For me to pass, when I return, I will thank the Lwa! Divisions of Voodoo - Haitian Voodo
- Dominican Voodoo
- African Voodoo
- New Orleans Voodoo Death and Afterlife - Vodouists believe that every person has 2 souls

- When you die, your soul is houvered for 7-9 days - Voodoo dolls are made for good and bad intentions, and used with magic & spells - They are known to be a myth to the Haitian Voodoo, as well as in New Orleans - Was declared a religion 1996 - Through the Slaves in the 17th Century - The Slaves created Voodoo based on their shared beliefs and traditions Is it possible to respect a leader and as
well and be afraid of them? Why and Why not? What are Voodoo dolls and what are your
thoughts on them? Drawn on the ground according to ritual Damballah-Wedo Agwe Ogoun Voodoo in the Media In the West voodoo has been portrayed in zombie movies and popular books as dark and evil, a cult of devil worship dominated by black magic, human sacrifice, and pin-stuck voodoo dolls—none of which exist in the voodoo practices that originated in Benin. The Princess and the Frog New Orleans 2009 Prince is turned into a frog by a voodoo man Girl tries to turn him back by kissing him Plan backfires Solution is to seek aid from voodoo man most activities center in the temple divided into two parts Temple Peristil Alter move to the rhythm of the drums Most temples serve as a community center People go to seek many things What do YOU think of when you hear voodoo? Practices Beliefs One supreme being who created the universe "Loa" are the spirits of ancestors
natural forces
spirits of good and evil January 2, 3 & 4 Breaking the cakes or "Mange Loa"
large annual feasting November 1 & 2 All Souls Day
followers go to cemeteries to pray African Money Spell Supplies African mysterious black soap
African mysterious white candle
A white egg
Currency note of money you want Special Events Wedding Wedding dance
Personalized broom and alter Funerals Very special in this religion
Dead appear in dreams
Procedure of funeral
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