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School Counseling Program

No description

Elva Pena

on 11 August 2016

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Transcript of School Counseling Program

Mission Statement
Prepare school counselors to become leaders, advocates and system change agents in our diverse schools.

School counselors learn to design, develop, implement and evaluate their comprehensive school counseling program to ensure that every student receives developmentally appropriate competencies in academic, career and personal/social development.

School counselors become professional student advocates who promote equity and access to a rigorous education for every student and who work to prevent and remove barriers of learning.

Graduate students develop as culturally competent leaders in educational reform and social justice in the schools and communities they serve.
Practicum and Fieldwork
Practicum Experience
First Semester
Shadowing and Observations (Teachers and School Counselor)
Interview School Staff
Meetings (IEPs, SSTs, Staff & Teacher)
Individual Counseling
Guidance Curriculum

Second Semester
Individual Counseling
Group Counseling
Guidance Curriculum
Field Trips
Data Collection

*Outline may vary from site to site
Practicum School Sites
School Counseling Graduate Student Association (SCGSA)
Program Level

Our Own Organization
Monthly Meetings

Future School Counselor Day
Program's 2nd Interview Day
End of the Year Banquet
Open Position
Event Coordinator, First Year

Website: http://scgsaupdates.blogspot.com/2014/04/what-successful-event.html

Fee: ~$40
GA Position-Skill Set Needed
Excel, Power Point, MS Word, MS Publisher
Email & Website

Ability to multi-task
Start and complete projects from start to finish

Excellent writing skills
Prompt to Respond

Professional written and spoken communication

Program To-Do List
Before you Graduate you MUST:
Pass the CBEST (submit verification)
Fulfill your Personal Counseling Hours in your First Year
(10 hours)

Fulfill your Practicum/Fieldwork/ Extra Hours
Practicum: 200
Fieldwork: 300-500
Extra Hours: 200
Good to Know
Webportal (Class Registration)

Financial Aid Website (scholarships available!)

Blackboard (Class Material)

Campus Escort (Available 5pm-11pm on a weekly basis)
(619) 594-6659

University Library has a 24/7 study area
Any Questions
School Counseling Program
Summer Orientation 2014
Orientation Agenda
Orientation PowerPoint
Mission Statement
Sequence of Study
Practicum and Fieldwork
Professional Organizations
GA Position
Summer To-Do List
Program To-Do List
Good to Know Sites
Sequence of Study
Practicum and Fieldwork Hours
Total hours: 700
Practicum: 200
Fieldwork: 300-500
"Optional:" Extra hours: 200

*Extra hours can come from job/volunteering requiring you to work with children in a school setting (e.g. substitute teaching, after school programs, tutoring, extra hours at your practicum site)

Practicum Assignments
Weekly Logs/ Reflection Journals
Readings, assigned by supervisors
End of the Semester
Evaluation of Competency and Development (Self Evaluations)
Experience Profile
Supervisor Evaluations
Need to Complete 200 Hours (100 hours per semester)

Professional Organizations
American School Counselor Association (ASCA)

California Association of School Counselors (CASC)

College of Education Student Council (COESC)

School Counseling Graduate Student Association (SCGSA)

Graduate Assistants
The graduate assistant are responsible for:
Consistent email correspondence with current students, perspective students, and CSP faculty and alumni
Serve as a liaison with their cohort and the Director, Dr. Estrada
Complete duties assigned by the School Counseling Director
Work during winter intercession and summer break through emailing
Update the school counseling website
Work closely with all graduate assistants

Important key events include:
The application process (evaluation and interview process)
Future School Counselor’s Day
School Counseling Orientation
Mock Interview Day

Summer To-Do List
Before Fall Semester Begins you MUST:
Turn in proof of membership for both of these organizations

Name tags (magnet/pin)
Fee: $10

Turn in a Copy of your TB Test

Turn in a Copy of your Certificate of Clearance

Turn in any missing paper work
(e.g. CBEST Scores)

No later than the last day of summer school
First Year: Practicum
The learning stage
More guidance from supervisors
Understanding the School Counselor’s Role
Meeting with students in groups and individually

Second Year: Fieldwork
The implementation stage
Designing and implementing a comprehensive school counseling program
Potter Junior High School
Supervisor: Danielle Duarte:
Location: Fallbrook, CA
District: Fallbrook Union Elementary School District
Grade Levels: 7-8

Mission Middle School
Supervisor: Nicole Pablo
Location: Escondido
District: Escondido Union School District
Grade Level: 6-8

Valley Center Primary School
Supervisor: Ashley Kruger
Location: Valley Center
District: Pauma Unified School District
Grade Level: PreK-2
American School Counselor Association (ASCA)
National Level

Empowers professional school counselors with the knowledge, skills, linkages and resources

Liability Insurance

Website: http://www.schoolcounselor.org/

Speech: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-zh0NAB3O4#t=338

FEE: $69

College of Education Student Council (COESC)
University/College Level

Part of Associated Students (AS)

Opportunity to voice concerns or questions relating to the university or college.

Website: http://go.sdsu.edu/education/Default.aspx

Fee: $0
California Association of School Counselors (CASC)
State Level

Provides leadership and advocacy for school counseling within California.

Liability Insurance

Counseling Resources (Books, Articles, Conference Information, etc)

Website: http://www.schoolcounselor-ca.org/

Fee: $45
COESC Secretary 2013-2014
Leandra Ordorica
Recently Graduated GAs:
Laura and Kathy
2nd Year GAs: Christine & Elva
Ice Breaker
Who Am I?
Take a note card
Take 3 minutes to write 3 things about yourself that make you unique
Example: I grew up in Cathedral City, CA
Then write down your favorite word/short phrase

Pass cards back to begin the game
"You should enjoy it."
-Steven King
First Lady Michelle Obama
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