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Initiative Advertisement

No description

Jerrica Yin

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Initiative Advertisement

Creative Advertising Five Catagories Diversity of Initiative Advertisement Influence Funny Welfare Irony Amaze Let's Guess Creative Ad? Shock D. Validation Period C. Inspired Period E. Formation Period B. Incubation period A. Preparation Period Five Step Creative Process Research and collect all the information about this product. According to the previous experiences, divide all the data into general and special. During incubation, analysis
the collected data over and
over again so that can form
the consciousness about this
product Most psychologists think: image is the source of producing revelation. So this stage is in development
and in combination with consciousness, produce all
sorts of ideas. Review and revise the
resulting idea, make it
complete With text or graphics, to
make the creative idea
materialization. Advertising positioning is the precondition of advertising creativity. Before you do it, you have to know "what" is it and "what" should been solved. Fully understand this product.

Advertising creativity means "how" to solve it and "how" you will present this product successfully. If you can show the contents of this advertisement, then you will determine the style.

Thus, advertising positioning is the beginning of the advertising creativity, is the premise of creative activity. Three Formats Creative print ads Creative video ads Creative Slogans Pros: short, often memorable phrases, less cost, easy to produce
Cons:no feedback, does not target a specific market, limited information Pros: less cost, generally be made
quickly,can be kept longer, more exposure, high concentration of
target market
Cons:readership decline, cluttered
landscape, controlling image quality Pro: new format, more options, high quality,
high viewership, easy to track and flexible
Con: consumers may perceive a risk in
purchasing online, high cost, can be
viewed by anyone and may cause
unwanted attention
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