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Annamaria Cerminara

on 1 May 2013

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By: Annamaria Cerminara From Love To Hatred: The Great Family Feuds Of the Renaissance Famous Feuds Hatfield's and McCoy's
Turks and Joneses
Lee's and Peacock's Hatfield's and McCoy's The Hatfield's and McCoy's created the most
famous family feud in history
The Hatfield's from West Virginia and the McCoy's
from Kentucky were first of kin groups that started a
feud in the 1860s that would take these close families
to a feud that would result in many casualties
This feud would also end with the broken heart of
young girl who fell in love with a boy who had the
last name of Hatfield Hatfield's & McCoy's Continued The Pig Dispute Harmon McCoy had been killed by the Logan Wildcats, despite the unfair trial that resulted in the 3 Hatfield's not being convicted of murder, the Hatfield's and McCoy's lived in peace for 13 years, however, in 1878, Randolph McCoy was visiting his brother-in-law, Floyd, and accused him of stealing one of his pigs, they soon took this to court
Preacher Ans Hatfield found Floyd Hatfield not guilty
This is the first sign of an actual feud Romeo and Juliet: Hatfield and McCoy Style There was a girl named Roseanna McCoy who fell in love with a boy named Johnse Hatfield
Johnse had been known as the best looking Hatfield, so Roseanna was delighted to enter a relationship with him
The Hatfields and McCoy's had intermarried for centuries, but this great love happened in the middle of the feud between their families
This would make matters worse for the feud as their relationship progressed Romeo and Juliet Continued After the young couple had ran away from their families, Johnse had been found by a McCoy and was going to be taken far away from Roseanna
So, Johnse decided that Roseanna was not worth the suffering so he left her
When Johnse left Roseanna, she was pregnant, she soon contracted a case of the measles and lost the baby
To make matters worse, Johnsey married Roseanna's cousin just months after he left her The Hatfield's, who were union sympathizers were starting to worry about Kentucky leaving the union
So, Anderson Hatfield created the Logan Wildcats to patrol the boarders of West Virginia and they ended up killing many McCoy's including Harmon McCoy who had been home visiting his family after he had just returned from war Grahams and Tewksburys Feud This is the feud that started the Pleasant Valley War in Arizona
This feud first occurred when Thomas Graham was shot by the hired help of the Tewksburys in February of 1887
The feud escalated and resulted in almost 50 men dead from each side
The fighting and war came to an end when the last of the Grahams, Tom Jr., was shot and killed
Soon after, the Tewksburgys died out of natrual causes Turks and Joneses: Beginning Took place in Brenton County, Missouri in the Ozark Mountain region
A bounty hunter wanted James Morton, who was a family member of the Joneses and the Turks turned him over
However, when Hiram Turk was brought to trial for kidnapping, the charges were dropped, so Andy Jones shot Hiram Turk
Andy Jones was found innocent in court Turks and Joneses Continued The Turks were very angry about this and soon began "Slicking" Joneses
Slicking: Tying a person to a tree and whipping them with a hickory switch
In response to this, the Joneses created the anti-slickers to stop the Turks
One day, the Turks accidentially slicked an innocent farmer
Because of this, 38 slickers were convicted and the feud came to an end over the next few years Folk Music Influence of Feuds Family feuds in the Appalachian and Ozark regions largely influenced folk music and stories throughout the regions
Clans such as the Hargis and Cockrell, as well as other clans in the area, were notorious for family feuds that were bloody and resulted in many deaths
Because of these feuds between clans, a common theme in music was violence and hatred Effect on Regions Because of these family feuds that continuously occurred, many regions have had much historical significance
These regions and families were proved to be very influential in the history of the years surrounding the Civil War
Some of these feuds, such as the Lee-Peacock feud, even directly affected the Civil War. Lee's and Peacock's Bob Lee became a part of the 9th Texas for the Confederate Army in 1861
Lewis Peacock was the leader of a unit set up by Union Sympathizers during the Civil War, Lee had become a part of this after his excursion with the Confederate Army
Since Lee had been a Confederate, years later, his neighbors and friends expected him to fight against Northern Oppression when Lewis' unit used force against them Lee and Peacock Continued Lewis Peacock arrested Bob Lee and his brother for war crimes
However, instead of taking the Lee's to jail, he took them into the woods to rob them
Shoot outs that followed this event resulted in 50 men dead
Peacock now wanted Lee - Dead or Alive
Lee was on the run and managed to fight for another year until the 4th U.S. was sent to settle the dispute
Lee fled to Mexico, ut was shot by the military before he reached the boarder
His plans had been leaked by Henry Boren, who was a former friend of Lee
Peacock was shot in 1871, this ened the feud Watch This Video about the Beginnning of the Hatfield and McCoy Feud (Click next button once more then hover over video with mouse and press play) Note: This video clip was taken from the TV
series, "The Hatfield's and McCoy's" which has
been shown on The History Channel From Love To Hatred: The Great Family Feuds Of The Renaissance

Introduction:Throughout history, there have been a multitude of family feuds that have impacted close relationships, folk music, stories, and the historical significance of many regions.
I. Introduction to Different Family Feuds
A.Hatfield’s and McCoy’s
1.McCoy’s were from Kentucky and Hatfield’s were from West Virginia
2.First person killed in feud was Ellison Hatfield, by 3 McCoy’s
3.Started on Election Day of 1882
4.Roseanna McCoy fell in love with Johnse Hatfield, this was a forbidden love
B.Graham’s and Tewksbury’s
1.Started Pleasant Valley War in Arizona
2.Started Feud: Thomas Graham shot by hired help of Tewksbury’s
3.Ended in 1892 when Tom Graham Jr., last of Grahams, was shot and killed Outline C.Turks and Joneses
1.Took place in Brenton County, Missouri
2.Started when Andy Jones got into a fight with Tim Turk
3.Turks became known for “slicking”
4.Feud ended with 38 “slicker” Turks being convicted for harsh punishments
D.Lee’s and Peacock’s
1.Feud mainly between Bob Lee and Lewis Peacock
2.Lee got charged by Peacock with war crimes after they had fought together
3.Lee was killed when trying to flee to Mexico
4.Peacock was killed in 1871, which ended the feud
II.Information Surrounding The Feuds
A.Folk Music and Story Influence
1.Clans of the Appalachians and the Ozarks influenced folk music
2.Clan: Hargis and Cockrell
3.Known for violent themes in music and stories Outline Continued B.Effect on Regions of Land
1.Historical significance for areas in world
2.Feuds played crucial role in years surrounding the Civil War
3.Some Feuds directly impacted Civil War
Conclusion:Famous Family Feuds are remembered as defining moments during the Renaissance and contributed too much hatred and war during that time period. There were many major Family Feuds during the renaissance, such as the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s, Graham’s and Tewksbury’s, Turks and Joneses, and Lee’s and Peacock’s, these all made an impact on the history of the renaissance, a region or areas historical significance, as well as the folk music and stories of the time period. Outline Continued From Love To Hatred: The Great Family Feuds of The Renaissance By: Annamaria Cerminara Thesis: Throughout history, there have been a multitude of family feuds that have impacted close relationships, folk music, stories, and the historical significance of many regions Roseanna McCoy Johnse Hatfield Bibliography
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