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Summer Academy for Youth

No description

Ryan Hapeman

on 16 July 2014

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Transcript of Summer Academy for Youth

Summer Academy for Youth
The College of Saint Rose
Online Photo Gallery
Summer Academy wanted to thank all of our students for the awesome artwork that they created over the week. Everyone did such a great job. Unfortunately we only had time to capture a few pieces from each class, but feel free to upload your artwork to the Facebook page! Hope that everyone had a great time and if we do not see you again have a great summer!

Morning Classes:
Digital Photography
Graphic Design
Fashion Illustration
Digital Photography
Graphic Design
Fashion Illustration
Julia A
Tape Sculpture
Caroline W
Wood Sculpture
Jack H
Wood Sculpture
Masha O
Clay Pottery
Katherine L
Sade M
Sarah J
Emily A
Rachael S
Molly D
Justin C
Eva H
Isabel J
Eliza W
Katrina D
Font Creation Project
Natalie C
Font Creation Project
Kathryn P
Font Creation Project
Jenna H
Shoe Design Project
Lauren D & Maggie O
3D House Model
Emma G
3D House Model
Leo B
3D House Model
Ansel A
3D House Model
Hope that you enjoyed the show!

Thank you!
-Summer Academy Staff
Afternoon/All Day Session
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