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No description

Harman Sangra

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of HOLI

What is it celebrating
Holika is believed to be the demon sister of the ancient King Hiranyakashyap who tried to killed Hirankyakashyap's son; therefore is considered evil and is burned annually on the eve of Holi.
What takes place during the event.
Interesting Facts
When it is orignated
It takes place on the last full moon day of the lunar month Phalguna.
The day of the full moon is the first day of Holi. A platter is arranged with colored powders and also colored water in pots.
-Coloured powder and water is sprinkled on to the members of the family by the eldest male members as a form of good luck,

-People begin to gather wood and other combustible materials days before Holi, which is later used during Holika Dahan.

-On Holika Dahan people gather around a bonfire, sing songs, play rhythmic drums and burn a statue of Holika.

-Mothers carry their babies five times in a clockwise direction around the fire to be blessed by Agni; the god of fire.

- Fruits and coconuts are offered to harvest to the holy fire.

The oldest male of the family begins the festivities by sprinkling colors on each family member.
Do they take place at the same time every year.
Holi takes place at different dates but in the month of March.
Started several centuries before the birth of Christ
Orignates from the story of Holika
Holi celebrates colors of unity and brotherhood/ stopping discrimination.
It shows that we all are the same
Celebrates the arrival of spring and new crops
Due to the legend of Holika it also celebrates good over evil
Holi around the world
Many events are inspired by holi all over the world.
Holi one color festival is an event where they play holi. It happens all around the world. Places such as, Orlando, Sydney, Bangkok, Rio, Vancouver and many more.
Some variations made are, you have to be 18+ and have to purchase tickets to participate.
Another one is the 5k Color run. Which holds more than 170 events in 30 + countries.
Variations made are, its a run, have to register, has no religious rituals involved to it.
Everyone in the festival throws colored power in the air every hour.
One of the most colorful festivals in the world.
Marks the beginning of a new year for many Hindus.
It's also called the festival of love.
The colored powder is called Gulal.
BY- Harman, Sharan, Jasleen²
Thanks for watching :)
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