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Colonial Religion

No description

Zack Chayet

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Colonial Religion

The main religion in the colonies were
Catholic- came for freedom only for themselves
Anglican- Came for religious freedom
Quaker- came as a safe haven because they were unwanted
Puritan- came for freedom for only themselves
Here is another video to help you understand how the religion in the colonies differed
Quakers were very peaceful people. They were unwanted across the colonies. They wanted no wars. The most famous Quaker is William Penn he founded Pennsylvania as a safe haven for Quakers. Pennsylvania had religious freedom for all
Quaker Beliefs
Puritans were a very strict culture. They Believed strongly in education. Puritans were also convinced that they were always right. Puritan homes would look something like this
Puritan beliefs
Here's a short video that's an overview of what I will be explaining today

P.S. It's really funny :)
Colonial Religion
By: Zack
Puritan women would usually dress like this
This is a picture of the tithing man who would hit you if you misbehaved in church
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