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No description

Feng Jessica

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Taiwan

basic info.
Time Zone

GMT +8
Capital :
Taipei City
Population :
23 million people
The Land Area :
36,193 km2 
(Density : 643people/Km2 , 2nd crowdest )
Currency :
New Taiwan Dollar (NTD)
( 1TL= 15.6 NTD)
Religions :
Taoism, Buddhism, Catholic,
Christians, Muslim , Atheism....
Choose what you want to believe .

*we have "The Republic of China calendar "
2013 A.D = 102 yr of the Republic
Year./ Month./ Date I was born on 82/03/21
Beautiful places
The Heart of Asia.

where is TAIWAN ?
The sun has 12 radiance means 12 disciplines.
The color blue white red are standing for liberty, equality, raternity.

The Blue sky, White sun and red ground.

Presidential Palace 1919/ Japanese
The Ghost Month
The Ghost Month Lunar month July
Taiwan Brand

Mandarin Chinese
Mandarin Chinese
5 different tones
same pronunciation but different characters different meanings
Taiwanese and other local dialogues
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