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Business Proposal of 1730

No description

Tay Silence

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Business Proposal of 1730

Business Proposal of 1730
Rice Production
So you want to have a Rice Production?
If you want to do that you would have to be in the Southern colonies because of their rich soil. African slaves are here for trade and will help you with your farm work. You would get a change to get money or trade from other colonies like the European colonists. All of the 1730's is the best time to grow! Right now we are making a lot of profit.

So you want to trade I hear?
If you want to trade come to the New England colonies!
Us settlers earn a lot of profit from this. Even though we don't have very good soil and it's very rocky we still come together and help take do of the farms we have. There are very small slaves here and there aren't very many people so it is easy for us to trade because we can travel in small groups to new places. It was the best time in 1730's to start trade because now we have guns!

Wheat production
Welcome to the Wheat production! Here in the middle colonies where us immigrants live love our respect of freedom and religion. Every day family members and indentured servants go out every day and harvest our wheats, grains, and oats. Other colonies love our soil so it gives a great opportunity to sell and trade. It isn't the best time is right before it gets cold!
You are go to either the New England, Southern, or Middle.
They are all located by water and it give you a chance to trade a lot more. The best time to go fishing is all the time except the winter.
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