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McDonaldization of Society

No description

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of McDonaldization of Society

Efficiency in the Fast Food Industry
Predictability in Fast Food
What make the fast food chain predictable is
-You can always expect a script,
-The proportion of your food is predicable
-The hours of fast food places are predictable, late.
-The menu becomes predictable with what number your order coincides with.
Tuesday, December 14, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Ritzer's Theory
Characteristics of Mcdonaldization
Efficiency: Chasing the optimum means to a given end through streamlining, simplifying, and putting customers to work.
-streamlining: the process of production and consumption.

Control:Increased control through the replacement of human with non human technology.
-increases productivity, greater quality control and lower cost.
Predictability: In rationalized societies, people prefer to know what to expect in most settings.
-Done through scripting, making behavior predictable and making process or products predictable.

Calculability: Numerical standards are set for determining quality.
-emphasizes quantity rather than quality
Each store is different in the ways that their dressed with uniform and their script.
Mall hours are predictable.
Peak hours become predictable, during the holidays hours become longer and its clear that the malls will be more packed.
The business owners also experience predictability by knowing when the malls will be the busiest and when to have more workers.
Mall prices become predictable, the merchandise price will rarely change.
McDonaldization of Society
*Drive-thru: is an example of efficiency, by putting the consumer to work.
The customer is required to:
-Use their own fuel
-throw away their own trash
*Dive-thur also involves streamlining by taking way custoner and employee personal interaction, making it

more of a business transaction
*Fast Food restaurants simplify by making products simple, no extras.

Efficiency in Malls
Everything is close by.
-you don't have to leave the mall for food or the bank, everything is located there
-If you have children the mall provides strollers so the consumer can shop efficiently.

Predictability in Malls
Control in Fast Food
Cash registers are used as control in fast Food restaurants. workers need to have minimal knowledge to know how to use it.
Fast food owned soft drink dispensers show control because the soda machine knows when the cup is almost filled.
Streamlining in Malls
Control in Malls
-Another factor of efficiency includes streamlining which helps the staff expedite the time a consumer is in the store for.
-In Malls the consumers can easily see what each store has by the displays that are outside of the store, they don't have to waste time going in.
Control helps the producer to increase productivity, and decreases the likelihood of an employee making a technical mistake.
-Control over worker and consumers which means individuals are set in a controlled enviroment
An Example of control in Malls can be see through the following:
- Segways, used by the security guards to patrol around the mall without having to walk.
-ATM's: they serve as a replacement for bank clerks.
-Advertisement: Opposed to having actual people to advertise for certain products there are electronic commercial playing amidst the mall
-Daniel's Jewelers has an automated women commercializing.
Calculability in Fast Food
Calculability helps put emphasis on the quantity rather than the quality.
"Bigger is Better"
In fast food this can be seen through:
-McDonalds "Big Mac
-Taco Bells "Big Bell Box Meal"
-Burger Kings "Triple Whopper"
-7 Elevens "Big Gulp" or "Super Big Gulp"
Irrationality Within The Mall
There are high coast up and down the halls of the mall. A pair of running shoes may cost an individual more than two-hundred dollars, and a name brand purse may cost twice as much.
The mall gives the illusion of frindliness by giving workers scripts that help enhance a customers experience at that particular store.
Irrationality Within The Mall Continued...
Examples of inefficiency in the mall are:
Long lines in each and every store
Customers doing work: banking at an ATM
Dehumanization can also be seen at the mall through employee's scripts taking place of authentic human interactions
at the food court the restaurants call their customers by order number
Ritzer's Irrationality
High cost: Doesn't necessary save money
-Products often cost much less to buy and make at home
-Often there are fees and hidden cost
False Friendliness:Predictability
-Elimination of genuine human interactions
Inefficiency:Most gains in efficiency go to those who are pushing rationalization
Dehumanization: Work is robotic
-People feel alienated
Fast food is not the only place that calculabilty can be seen.
Examples of calculabilty can be seen through the following ways:
-Sales around the mall show calculability because customers will be more attracted to the price or the amount of the product they can get in a certain price range rather than the quality of the product.
-Stores also play a major role in proving calculability, fore example people prefer to shop at forever 21 rather than Nordstom. Athough Nordstrom has quality Forever 21 has quantity at a much lower price.
Calculabilty in Malls
-Notice that Forever 21
shows caculabilty and advertises
while Nordstrom with better quality
does not
Alternatives to rationalized settings of McDonaldization within the mall:
preparing food at home
shopping at mom and pop shops
having a genuine conversation with employees at the mall
even if it cost more buy items for its quality not its quantity
Mcdonaldization in Malls

Aima Choudry
Adriana Socio
Professor Holzgang
Sociology 101
14 December 2014
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