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Party Girl - By: Lynne Ewing

Book Talk

Christina Benvenuto

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Party Girl - By: Lynne Ewing

Party Girl
By: Lynne Ewing Reasoning: The reason why i chose this book was because it had reminded me of the friendship between Johnny and Ponyboy in "The Outsiders", along with the gang separation. Summary: Major Characters: Other characters: Nando- A man who was going to marry Kata's mother, but was afraid that she would cheat on him.
Kata's Mother Kata- Ana's best friend
Ana- Kata's best friend
Pocho- Ana's boyfriend/ gang leader Struggle: The struggle is that Kata and Pocho seek revenge on the gang that killed Ana, and leads to more shootings. Also that Kata doesn't really want the gang life after she has had the "full experience". Connections: I had a connection to "The Outsiders" because of the rivalry between the two separate neighborhoods. Lessons: - That God has a plan for each and everyone of us.
- That you make your own choices.
- Not everyone is who they say they are. This book was about two girls named Kata and Ana who dance together in a group called O.C. Ana would have to sneak out most nights, while Kata didn't because her mother was a drunk, and didn't really care for her. One night changed everything. There was an incedent between the neighborhood in which they lived, and the neighborhood next to theirs. That night after the performance Ana had gotten shot, and died from a drive-by by another gang. Soon Pocho finds out from Kata and the both of them seek revenge to kill whoever has killed Ana. They are tempted to go as far as needed to find her killer. There is a point at which the two friends turn on eachother because Kata no longer wants to live the "gang life", and threatens to tell Pocho's secret. Read the book to find out Pocho's secret, what happens to Kata (gang wise), and what happens to her mother. Recommendation I would recommend this book to all the girls in
the class , but not until next year.
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