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Laszlo Bergovecz

Curriculum Vitae

Laszlo Bergovecz

on 30 December 2012

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Transcript of Laszlo Bergovecz

About me pre-zoom-me Laszlo Bergovecz at Unto This Last
UK based Local Digital Furniture Makers Workshop Skills Education Professional experience Profile Why PREZI? Designer / Product philosopher currently working digital Reliable, extremely creative and communicative man with high level of motivation. Open-minded and hard-working with the ability to work effectively in cross-cultural teams. A design thinker who loves to challenge conventions. 2008 – 2011 Middlesex University - BA (Hons) Design, Interior and Applied Arts
2007 – 2008 The Hampstead Garden Suburb Institute - Art Foundation Course
2004 – 2006 Budai Design School - Graphic Designer
2001 – 2002 Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design - Foundation Course + professional development
+ intriguing work experience
+ amazingly cool team
+ Hungarian origins
+ fanatic about visual communication
+ always ready for creative challenges
+ ideas matter as a Product Developer, Furniture Maker and Production Manager My role is to study and improve the CNC Router based 'flat to form' furniture making process and develop easier, faster and more efficient ways to build each product of the company. other Corel DRAW
Adobe Suite excellent free hand drawing
strong impulse for writing
trained eye for photography Contact
Mobile: +447 727 91 3679
E-mail: realbergo@gmail.com Laszlo Bergovecz Mobile: +447 727 91 3679
E-mail: realbergo@gmail.com 2009 San Francisco, California language English
Hungarian 2011 – present 3D design works

+ Balint Bolygo Kinetic Artist – technical support for StreetscapeCarousel
+ Various projects on blueprint for 'flat to form' designs, CNC Router and Laser cutter based product and furniture design
+ Unto This Last - product developer, production manager

2006 – present Freelance graphic design and illustration works

+ Merlin Theatre, Budapest - urban landscape design / illustration
+ 580limited, London – logos, adverts, pattern design, decoration
+ Lucas Van Rensburg drummer & performer - creative concepts/logo
+ Luca Romanyi Fashion Jewellery Designer – image and marketing
+ Grant Hungary Kft / Rhino Project - logos
+ Experting Kft, international expert building plot up raiser - full image
+ Designed flyers, logos, covers, invitation cards, images for companies and also for individuals, performers and music bands in London and also in Budapest Why me? Background image taken by Contact Photo taken by Polly Braden Google Sketch Up Solid Works
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