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7.03 Dramatic Structure/ Act 1

No description

Anna Wellen

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of 7.03 Dramatic Structure/ Act 1

By: Anna Wellen 7.03 Dramatic Structure/Act I Foresight Revenge Revenge, that is the feeling I felt going into the football championship yesterday. We played F.I.S.H. They were the only team that beat us in the regular season, but I knew we could beat them because my team and I had an off-game. My team came out ready to play, and we would eventually score on the first drive, but that was the tip of the iceberg. By half-time we were winning 28-0! I saw the other team's face as our score rose, and I have never felt more successful. There is a saying "In the end there is no greater motivation than revenge." Sadly, I myself would have to agree with that statement. I, as the quarterback know that my team would not have played their hardest if we had not already been beaten. Part B:
Research and Reporting I completed my research on my mother Cathy Wellen. She grew up in the 80's, this should be fun. This word means that something is good. VS. Example: That song is the bomb, man!! Describes a person who is extremely lazy or a person who spends the majority of their time watching television, playing video games, etc. ex: "dude, quit being a couch potato, lets go to that icy sweet party and Cindy's house." Couch Potato The Bomb Bounce This word means to leave, get out, etc. ex: "Adios Cameo, its getting late, I gotta' bounce."

"Oh, hang loose bro. See ya at school." I gotta bounce
Harold, Cindy is
waiting at the mall sounds good Margaret,
I got to take the kids to a "totally radical" party
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