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Entrepreneur in EU affairs

My presentation delivered to DG Enterprise & Industry of the European Commission conference on "From stagiaire to entrepreneur", organised by European Young Entrepreneurs

Andras Baneth

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of Entrepreneur in EU affairs

From stagiaire...
...to entrepreneur

András Baneth - Brussels, 18 July 2013
Being an entrepreneur
To minimise risk...
What should be your business
How to make it happen
Entrepreneur in EU affairs?
About me
www.eutraining.eu - www.eu-testbook.com - www.eu-academy.eu - andras@baneth.eu
The value is...
Derek Sivers: Anything you want
Read books & audiobooks
Seth Godin
All talent is available...
Own sources
Friends & relatives
Banks & EU
Jeremie & VC
EU consultant / PA expert / lawyer / sectoral expert (individual, in-house, national)
Funding expert, consultant, tender writer, manager
EU-level trade association / EU-wide network
Trainer, teacher, professor in EU affairs (law, PA, comms, funding etc.)
Regulatory & compliance expert (incl. health, environment, trade, food)
Information & networking business (newspaper, website, monitoring, design)
Thank you !
...challenge the status quo
...but "real artists ship"
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