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The Manifest Destiny

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Jennifer Nguyen

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of The Manifest Destiny

5 "Civilized Tribes: -Cherokee
- Chickasaw
- Creek
- Seminole
- Chocktaw
Native American Background:
After the Louisiana Purchase, the Creek tribe got mad and attacked the settlers coming into their land. - All of the attacks piled up and became the
War of 1812
At about the same time, the Creek tribe split up and there was a
Creek War
, which lasted for a year (1813-1814).
Right after the War of 1812 ended, the US went against the Seminole in the 1st
Seminole War
in 1817. (1817-1818)
Native Americans got to keep their own land when George Washington was president.
At this time, the tribes made alliances with the Europeans and some got married.
The American Indians didn't have much trouble with the settlers except for the fact that they kept moving into the Native land.
What is the Manifest Destiny and how did it affect Native Americans?
By: Jennifer Nguyen
Indian Wars
Seminole Tribe
Natives in the Plains
The 5 tribes lived in the Southeastern part of the US.
Called the "Civilized" Tribes because they adapted to American culture (wore American clothes, became Christitan, etc.)

* Cherokee made their own Constitution and a newspaper; "Cherokee Pheonix"
The Plains tribes mostly lived on buffalo -Buffalo were used for teepees, arrows, food, etc.
What is the Manifest Destiny?
Manifest Destiny: when the American people thought that they should rule the continent and "spread democracy and civilization"
Why did it happen?
The American people thought that they were better than everyone else and that it was "God's will" for them to take over
Pioneer Takeover
Pre- Manifest Times
* Cherokee people were very open with intermarriage and most of the bicultural kids were successful in life.
The Native Americans didn't like how the settlers were moving into their land, so they got revenge on them for coming in. (burning homes, ruining possessions, etc.
In the 1790s, the US came up with the
Civilization Plan
- a plan to make the Native Americans more "civilized". (Ex: buying instead of hunting)
Later, after the 1803
Louisiana Purchase
, people started to take over the Native American's land. The US technically bought their land from the French.
At this time, people discovered gold in Native American land and they wanted to get it.
Indian Territory
Cherokee Tribe
Trail of Tears
Native American tribes like the Creek and Chickasaw started to make treaties (ex:
Treaty of Indian Springs
) to sell their land to settlers and move west. -Bicultural leaders tried to get their people to blend in and be more like the settlers so that they won't be moved so easily.
On May 28, 1830, the US government put the
Indian Removal Act
into action. - The Indian Removal Act was made to get the Native Americans to move to the west and let the settlers have their land instead.
Moving West
The Chickasaw tribe moved west in 1832.
On September 27, 1830, the Chocktaw tribe signed the
Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek
and were moved west.
The Creek signed the
Treaty of 1832
and they moved west also. -Settlers kept moving in early to reserve the land and the Native Americans were usually kicked out of the land earlier than they should have.
The Seminole tribe signed the
Treaty of Payne's Landing
in 1832, but they didn't move out of their land in Florida. - 3/5 of the tribes had signed treaties to move in 2 years since the Indian Removal Act was passed! - The Native Americans were kept in holding areas before moving to their new territory called
and many died or got sick from diseases there.
The Seminole people didn't have a choice to move out of Florida - Their chief, Ocela would kill anyone who forced them to move west or agreed to move west.
Because the Seminole tribe refused to leave their land, in 1835, there was a
2nd Seminole War
that lasted up to 1842. - Ocela died in 1838.
The Seminole eventually lost the 2nd Seminole War and they were forced to move west into the Indian Territory.
The Cherokee tribe decided to go to court after making a Treaty Party (1832- 1833) so that they could work something out with the US to keep their land in Georgia.
The court named their case; "
Cherokke Nation v. Georgia
" and they decided that the Cherokee were a part of the US and the US was responsible for them, but they weren't a state. -The Cherokee thought this was good, but realized that they had to move west.
When the government sent them the
Treaty of New Echota
so that they could move west, they didn't sign it and instead, sent a petition.
The government decided to give the Cherokee 2 years to live in Georgia before making them move into the Indian Territory.
In 1838, 60,000+ Cherokee people were forced away from their homes in Georgia in a very cruel way with no "human decency" about 1,243 miles west. -This is best known as the
Trail of Tears
, The Trail Where They Cried, or Nunna Daul Isunyi.
The Cherokee had barely any supplies and about 3:5 people out of a group died each day.
According to "
The Indian Removal Act
" by Mark Stewart, historians think that greater than 1/4 of the Cherokee died by 1839. -Those that died during the way to the west were buried under rocks or the snow because the ground was so frozen and cold.
Cherokee people that made it through the Trail of Tears to the Indian Territory were very sick.
The Cherokee made schools, colleges, and a government in their new land. -They still had a hard time living in the land because of how different it was from thier old home.
Living in the West
There were lots of Plains tribes in the 1880s
At this time lots of settlers were moving into the area and they had buffalo hunters that would wipe out a lot of the buffalo, which were an important part of the Native's lifestyle
The government offered the Plains tribes (Sioux, Cheyenne, etc.) the
Treaty of Fort Laramie
so that they could get more land.
The tribes said no to the treaty ->
Sand Creek Massacre
- 150+ Cheyenne people were killed by the US
The Native Americans got revenge on the the settlers with the
Fetterman Massacre
Examples of Plains Tribes:
-Nez Perce
The US tried to get the Natives to sign the Treaty of Fort Laramie a second time in 1868 -The tribes got the area/reserve in the Black Hills but settlers still came in to look for gold.
Lots of Native Americans went to Crazy Horse and
Sitting Bull
* in 1875-1876 for help to keep from getting taken away to the reserve in the Black Hills
There was a battle between the Natives and the US after that called the
Battle of Little Bighorn
(Native Americans won)
After the Battle of Little Bighorn, there was the
Wounded Knee Massacre
, which was when the US came in and killed roughly 300 Native Americans during a ceremony that would supposedly get the Natives back their stuff (buffalo, land, etc.) -Stopped all rebellion by Natives in the west
*Sitting Bull video:
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