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Software Critique: Google Earth

No description

Saeed Khan

on 18 August 2013

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Transcript of Software Critique: Google Earth

Watch Google Earth in Action:
Educational Purpose:
More than just Earth...

Google Earth
Google Inc.

Geographic Simulation
Introduction of Program
Users are immediately introduced to the simulation by the enticing 3D model of our planet.
program is fairly easy to use and quite intuitive at first touch.
controls in upper top corner provide for zooming in and out to a large scale of degrees
The planet can be rotated 360 degrees & users can pan smoothly in any desired direction
Users can also simply click and drag to bring a new location of earth into the field of view and to manipulate the earth in any which way.
3 main ways to control Earth model:
1. compass 2. joystick 3. zoom slider
by Saeed Khan & Laura Armstrong
Software Critique: Google Earth

Rich, geographical content
Experience a more realistic view of the world
Fly to your favorite places
Search for businesses
Navigate through directions
Users may use mouse for general movements
Search function also goes directly to desired locations
Pull down menus always accessible
Keyboard shortcuts also available
Appropriate amount of buttons displayed horizontally for additional features
Mouse control still default master control
Flight simulator, Tour Guide & GPS integration options
All controls in same general area
Explore the Sky:
Enjoy the wonders of the heavens and learn about our solar system.

Dive in the Ocean:
xplore the depths of the ocean and planet's deepest underwater canyons. Learn about ocean observations, climate change, and endangered species.

Walk on the Moon:
Take tours of landing sites narrated by Apollo astronauts and view 3D models of landed spacecraft.

Visit Mars:
Travel the Red Planet and explore NASA's latest imagery of our galactic neighbor.
PC - Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
Mac - Mac OS X 10.6.0 or later
Linux - LSB 4.0 (Linux Standard Base) libraries
Free version:
Google Earth

Premium version($400):
Google Earth Pro
Advanced Measurements, High-resolution printing, Exclusive Pro data layers, Spreadsheet Import, GIS import, Movie-Make, Support
Learner Control of Program
Learner Control of Program
Using these 3 main “controllers” allow for effective sequencing & progression within the program.
Presentation of Information
Learner Control of Program
Layers apply or exclude information on the 3D model by selecting from a sidebar menu
Presentation of Information
Layers using Wikipedia:
Presentation of Information
Graphics and animation are very visually appealing
Feedback is immediate and helpful
Text quality: great overall leanness, transitions, clarity & mechanics
Visual transitions are often choppy & blurry in free version which has lower pixel delivery
built in Google Maps integration & easy to use
Websites load within program with very clearly marked back button to reaccess program
By using "layers" users can add all kinds of educational information.
Remarkable integration with:
User-generated photos,
NASA information,
Hyperlinks, hypermedia
Presentation of Information
Providing Help
Providing Help
Help is always available & visible through use of pull down menu for help resources:
Effective use of rollovers
Help is provided in the form of a menu key. Users can choose from help resources, keyboard shortcuts, & start up shortcuts. Help button is always visible.
Google Earth Community: A forum for users to provide tips, tricks and a general place to share ideas, collaborate & exchange creativity.
Hyperlinks to video tutorials would be a nice addition & useful for those who learn best through streaming video & audio. (Tutorials are available on help site)
Dialog box with tip information (can be disabled by unchecking tick box)
Both procedural & informational help clearly present
No audio assistance at any point
Users using the free version, don’t need to formally log-in; hence no log-out sequence for them. They simply leave the site.
Login only needed to send pictures or KML, KMZ (location files) to other users, if desired
Exiting program very simple
Ending the Program
System Requirements & Details
Mobile apps (including Android) available, Ipad version
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