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Pressure Cooling Presentation

No description

Gabriel Verne

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of Pressure Cooling Presentation

Who uses this technology?
100+ medium to large corporate customers with over 21 000 installations
6 units a day installed

Our typical customers include:
Mobile Telecom Operators
ISP and Railroad operators
Power Suppliers

All Mobile Operators in Sweden, Denmark and Belgium are using Air-Site Products.

Uses very little electricity (typically 20 times less than Air Conditioners)
Uses no gases other that free air.
Lengthens the service intervals
Pressure Cooling reduces or eliminates the need for Air Conditioners:
For a medium size operator, this may mean up to £20M a year in savings or £3000 per site a year.
Why Pressure Cooling?
In colder climates (90% of the year below 25 degrees) Pressure Cooling can replace the AC completely.
In hot places, Pressure Cooling works instead of the AC, when the temperature is below 27°C (variable):
Uses less electricity.

Starts the AC automatically when needed

Prolongs the life and reduces service of the AC

The more often Pressure Cooling is used, the smaller the company Carbon Footprint
No, Free Cooling is better!
Air-Conditioning is better!
Let's have a look.
Work with nature rather than against it.
Natural Ventilation
Free air is taken to the site by a radial fan, through thick & long filter bags.

Our filters are designed for long time between service.
Heat Dissipation
The air is calm so will not cause turbulence.

It slowly lifts up the heat from the floor, increasing the speed of the natural process.
Even more benefits include:
+ Easy service
+ A filter change can be performed by anybody.
+ Advanced control algorithms for stable temperature
+ Long life of resilient EC motors.
+ Environmentally friendly.
+ Low Delta T enables usage around the year.
+ Low power consumption
+ Targeting only the hot air.
+ Long time between the services (up to 2 years).
Benefits of Pressure Cooling
Hot air is forced out of the room through a back draught shutter.

For best results mounted opposite to the DeltaMaster.
Old Air Removal
Free Cooling Cost Vs Air Conditioner
Generally speaking, we save our customers over £6000 per installation, during a two-year period.
Heat Load
Since 1999
Our biggest installation performed in 2013.
The right ventilation design enables our products to maintain the right temperature with any heat load.
T h e r e a r e n o l i m i t a t i o n s !
DeltaMaster lifting larger and larger heat load.
400x400 mm intake hole compatible with most wall stud designs.
Only one connection between the control box and the fan unit.
Very short installation time (even 3 hours per unit in some cases)
Service offered.
Simple and Easy Installation
3G Modem
Control Box
Roof Cowl
Intake Grille
Intake Cowl
We believe in simple and straightforward, giving the best experience to our customers.
Smoke Alarm
Wall Led
DeltaMaster Unique Features
Heat Dissipation and Delta T of 2 degrees:
Lowest power consumption.
Constant temperature in the site.
Longest period during the year with your set temperature.
No Air-Conditioners needed in most of Europe.
Unique Filter Design
Longest life time of filter (for a sealed filter)
Efficient, even when 2/3 of the filter is full.
Most resilient motors on the market
Long life time
Works even when there is a power failure.
Advanced Delta T control algorithm:
Constant temperature in the site.
Lowest possible power consumption.
The right decision.
The obvious choice.

Pressure Cooling
is better!
What are the facts?
Heat Dissipation and Delta T of 2 degrees
Lowest power consumption
Constant site Temperature
Longest set constant site temperature
Eliminates the need for Air-Conditioners
Hello from
We are Air-Site; a pioneer in green cooling and ventilation.

Developed with telecom operators e.g. TeliaSonera (over 180M customers) since the 90s, widely used since 1999.

Air-Site's branches operate within Europe.

Scandinavian countries are eco-friendly leaders.
Technical Room Cooling
or Pressure Cooling?
This presentation
The benefits:
+ Stable temperature in the site
+ Cools the site down to under 20°C
The disadvantages:
- Frequent service required.
- Only certified technicians can service them
- Very high power consumption
- Use of Freon gases
Air-Conditioners are responsible for half of telecom operator's electricity bill.
Averaging £3 000 per site every year
Use large amounts of electricity
Not environment friendly
Service demanding
Air Conditioners:
Forced Ventilation
The Principle:
A LOT of cold air is blown into the room
and mixed with hot air.

Mixed air is extracted.
+ Environmentally Friendly
- High volumes of air needed quickly = dirty filters & noise
- frequent service due to full filters
- High delta T (blended air)
So, how does it work?
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