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Stone Soup

No description

Library Media

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Stone Soup

Stone Soup By: Lillie Three monks, Hok, Lok, and Siew traveled along up a mountain road. They chatted about kitty whiskers, the color of the sun, and giving. What makes someone happy, Siew? Hok asked, the youngest monk. Old Siew, the wisest, said, Let's find out. The sound of a loud bell rang and brought their gaze to the rooftops of a small village below. They couldn't see the rest of the village or the many hard times they went through because they were so high. All the hard times they went through made them weary and untrusting even suspicious of their neighbors. The villagers worked very hard as farmers, tea merchants, seamstress', doctors, carpenters, and many other jobs but they had little to do with each other. The monks got on the top of the mountain and went through the gates, but no one greeted them. They knocked on a door, but no one came to the door the owners of the house turned out the lights so they went to many other houses and the same thing happened. They don't know happiness said Siew they all agreed. Today said Siew we will make stone soup. They gathered supplies and first made a fire and put a tin pot filled with water on top. A little girl came up to them and started helping them collect 3 smooth stones from the courtyard and placed them in the pot and then the little girl said y'all won't be able to make a lot in this little pot my mom has a larger pot we could use. The little girl ran home and started taking the big pot. Her mother asked what she was doing she told her mother that three strangers are baking soup from stones. They needed the biggest pot that the little girl had. Hmm said the little girl's mom. The three monks started poking holes through the coals and it smoke started drifting in the air. The neighbors peered outside to see what was going on. The big fire and the pot was much of a curiosity, everyone could see it that lived in the village because it was in the center of the village. One by one peoples started coming out of their houses to see what this stone soup was. We need salt and pepper because old style stone soup has salt and pepper said Hok. You're right said Lok while he was stirring the pot. We don't have any. I have salt and pepper said the scholar. He left and grabbed some salt and pepper and some other spices and brought them back. Siew tried some and said last time when we made stone soup we put carrots in it so it makes the broth sweet. A lady said she had some carrots so she went and got them and brought them back and dumped as many as she could hold into the big tin pot. Do you think ;our soup would be better with onions said Hok. Oh yes said a farmer and went and grabbed five onions and dropped them in the pot. After that Siew said we might need some fresh mushrooms. Several villagers licked their lips and went off and grabbed some fresh mushrooms, noodles, pea pods, and cabbages and dumped them in the huge tin pot. Something magical was happening every time a villager was offering to share another did the same but gave more. I bet the emperor would like some dumplings in his soup said a villager. What about mung beans, cloud ear, and yams said another. Taro root, baby corn, winter melon said the next. Ginger root, soy sauce, garlic, lily buds. I have some, I'll get them cried out the villagers. They went and got some and dumped all the could in the big tin pot the three monks kept stirring and stirring. At last the stone soup was ready everybody gathered together, lots of people brought rice, steamed buns, nuts, cakes, tea, and they lit lanterns everybody started eating. After the banquet they celebrated. Some villagers let the three monks sleep at their houses so the would have a comfortable place to sleep. In spring the three monks had to leave so they said thank you the villagers said no thank you. The villagers realized being happy makes everybody richer.
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